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How To Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaner

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How To Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaner

When deciding on a local carpet cleaning company to care for your valuable floor coverings, you’re faced with so many different options. Every professional carpet cleaner will tell you that their method is the best however you’ll need to make up your own mind. The most suitable method depends on whether you clean your home or commercial carpets, the material they’re made from as well as a number of other important factors. We’ve written this blog to explain the key differences between the two main methods. So read on for comparison then you’ll be better informed to choose which carpet cleaning process is better for you.

What are Carpet Dry Cleaning and Carpet Steam Cleaning?

There are actually many different techniques that can be used for domestic or commercial carpet cleaning. However, the two main methods are carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning. Dry cleaning, also known as very low moisture carpet cleaning, uses minimal liquid to ensure your carpets don’t get saturated or damaged. This is the method that all Elite Carpet Cleaning branches specialise in. The benefits of carpet dry cleaning include that your carpets will be good to walk on within an hour and is also an excellent option for delicate carpet cleaning for fibres such as wool. The second technology used by professional carpet cleaners in what’s known as hot water extraction or carpet steam cleaning. This method uses hot water to extract grease and grime from your carpets. With steam cleaning, your carpets could take up to 4 hours to completely dry however this service is more suited to heavily stained or oily carpets such as those found in some commercial operations. You’d also be happy to know that some of our Elite Carpet Cleaning branches also offer this service.

How do the two Methods Work?

Step 1: Pre-Clean Vacuum

Both methods start with a vacuum of your carpet which can remove up to 80% of the dry dirt. Although this may seem like a simple step, it’s extremely important for the final result so make sure you ask a potential carpet cleaning if they do a pre-vacuum as some may say that’s your responsibility. The quality of the equipment used is also very important and your chosen carpet cleaning company should use a HEPA standard vacuum to ensure the best clean and air filtration. If you operate a hotel or similar business, the noise of vacuums could disturb other guests so it’s essential the equipment used I as quiet as possible. You’ll also need to make sure your carpet cleaners have clear written procedures on the most effective methods of vacuuming the entire
carpet and making sure they adhere to them. Elite tick all these boxes and more so what not give us a call today on 131 580.

Step 2: Pre-Spray

The next step in the cleaning process is to pre-spray a cleaning solution onto your carpets. This “pre- spray” helps dissolves any stickiness and ground-in soil from deep in the fibres of your carpet. When it comes to this step, the quality of chemical used is paramount. Elite clearly differentiates itself from its competitors at this stage as we use carpet and upholstery cleaning chemicals that are the very best in the industry and exclusive to our franchisees. Quite simply, any competitors who buy chemicals from anywhere else just can’t match our quality. Also, in the exclusive Elite dry cleaning method, we use a fogging spray so your carpets will be damp but not soaked whereas many other carpet cleaners use water sprayers to soak carpets which can lead to over-wetting.

Step 3: Agitation

The next step is an optional one called agitation. Depending on the level of soiling of your carpet, cleaners are supposed to use equipment to agitate the pre-spray chemicals, working them deeper in the pile.

Step 4: for Dry Cleaning, Buffering

Step 4 is quite different for dry cleaning and steam cleaning. With carpet dry cleaning, technicians use a pad (or bonnet) which they soak into a rinsing solution. After squeezing out excess moisture, they then use a machine to buff your carpets. During the buffing process, most dissolved soil is soaked up by the pad which is then washed again. Also worth of mentioning is that the buffering machines used by Elite are even quitter than our vacuums and cannot be heard from the very next room. Most people don’t quite understand how important this step is, and that’s exactly why Elite’s system gets industry-leading results and has carpets looking cleaner than you could ever imagine!

Step 4 for steam cleaning (that is, hot water extraction) is a completely different kettle of fish. Firstly, a wand is used to spray even more water onto carpets which is then supposed to be extracted immediately. In theory, this should go smoothly if the pre-spray has done its job of dissolve soils in the carpet properly. This isn’t a concern under Elite’s process as our operators are always sure to remove all dirt and grime with the help of our high quality pre-spray solutions. However, getting back to carpet steam cleaning. A couple of risks are present at this step. Firstly, if the technician performing the steam cleaning is not professionally trained, over-wetting may occur. This could result in your carpets being wet for more than the standard four hours or even for days.
To make matters worse, mould could start to form in that period of time and you may have to rip up all your carpets and underlay and fork out big bucks for replacement floor coverings. We cannot emphasise enough that you must make sure the company you’ll use for steam cleaning is a trained professional who knows exactly what he is doing. The second risk of carpet steam cleaning is called Wicking. This occurs where the soil that is located deep at the bottom of your carpet gets brought to the surface during the drying process after the cleaning process has been completed. If this happens, you will have to call the operator back to redo it for you which could be troublesome.

pH is Important

Lastly, in steps 3 and step 4, it’s important we understand the pH value of cleaning solutions and how this affects results. For example, Elite’s pre-spray has a high pH of 8.5 which is alkaline which helps dissolve soils in the pile of your carpets. Interestingly, the cleaning solution Elite use to wet the dry cleaning pads afterwards has an more acidic pH of 5.5. These two solutions with differing pH levels work together and neutralize each other so your fibre remains at the Goldilocks pH level of 7, ensuring the longest possible lifespan for your carpets. You could say that not only does Elite clean your carpet, but we also protect it and increase its longevity.

On another note, another reason many people choose Elite is that our cleaning solutions are very lightly scented so your carpets will have a slight lemon smell. This differs from other carpet cleaning companies that typically leave behind a strong detergent smell. Our proprietary lemon scent continues to wow many of our customers on daily basis!

Step 5: Grooming

The final step in the carpet cleaning process is to groom your carpet. This is where your carpet is “brushed” with a grooming rake to make piles stand straight up and form the typical post-clean patterns you may have seen before. This process not only makes the drying process faster, but also helps make your carpet look new.

Contact Elite Carpet Cleaning Today

To conclude, there are a number of differences between carpet dry cleaning and steam cleaning. We believe, Elite simply has the best carpet cleaning systems due to our exclusive Brisbane-made water-based cleaning solutions that are not available on the open market. Additionally, all franchisees go through 7 highly structured comprehensive training modules to ensure their skills are at the most professional level. Customers can rest assured that when they choose Elite for their carpet cleaning needs, they’re choosing the highest quality of work guaranteed. Please book in your next carpet clean today and get rid of those stains once and for all. Simply visit our website and click Book Now or call 131 580.


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