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Checklist for cleaning a rental property

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Moving out of a rental property and need to get your bond back? It is critical that you thoroughly clean the entire property to ensure your best chances of success. Here are our tips to tackling the ‘big clean’.

If you have read our previous article, ‘What is the definition of clean’, you’ll know that different people have different ideas of what ‘clean’ is. When you’re moving out of your rented property, the tenancy agreement will in all likelihood stipulate that the property needs to be returned in a clean state. This generally means a much more thorough clean than most people do on a weekly, or even monthly basis. Not only does a clean to the standard required by the landlord or their agent mean much more work, but, unless you’re moving in and out of rental accommodation on a regular basis, it’s hard to know exactly what level of cleaning will pass the test.

Although of course you have to pay for the privilege, one of the benefits of getting your place professionally cleaned when you move out is that, one, it will be done rigorously and, two, the cleaning company will have a very clear idea of the cleaning that is required (plus it’ll save you a lot of time!)

If you’re still keen to do it yourself, here is our Elite checklist so you can make sure you haven’t missed anything:


  • carpets and floors cleaned (some landlords and agencies specify professional carpet cleaning)


  • spot clean walls
  • skirting boards
  • clean all mirrors
  • airconditioning vents – dust removed
  • doors/door frames/insect screens
  • windows and windowsills
  • curtains/blinds to be cleaned/dusted


  • cobwebs removed
  • light fittings cleaned
  • ceiling fans – all dust removed
  • airconditioning vents – dust removed

In addition the following areas need special attention:


  • oven/cooker fully cleaned
  • range hood + filters cleaned
  • cupboards
  • sink + taps
  • wall tiles
  • cupboards cleaned inside and out
  • white goods (ie refrigerator/dishwasher) must be cleaned inside and out, switched off at the wall and doors left open + all areas under and behind these items may also need to be cleaned

All items must be grease free.


  • bath/shower scrubbed clean
  • grouting cleaned
  • plugs and plugholes clean
  • toilet cleaned completely inside and outside


  • washing machine and dryer (including filter) wiped clean
  • sink and plughole cleaned
  • cupboards cleaned inside and out

“We do a huge number of vacate cleans, and the one piece of advice we’d give tenants is – check the hooks on the backs of your doors! We see so many items left behind!” says Kelsey Wigg, Southern Tasmania Elite franchisee. “The other thing to look out for is blutak and blutak stains on walls – you may need to clean these off to get your bond back.”

Or… call us and we’ll do it for you!

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