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How to choose the perfect carpet for your home

There’s a lot to think about when choosing the right carpet for your home.

Surprisingly Elite Carpet Cleaning franchisee Rod Richardson, who works the NSW Mid North Coast region, says colour and style shouldn’t be the most important considerations.

He says to get the most from your carpet choice, you first need to buy the right underlay.

“Spending money on a good underlay will improve the life of your carpet and prove a worthwhile investment,” says Rod.

Why is underlay so important?

  • Underlay can improve the texture of the carpet.
  • Underlay insulates the floor from noise.
  • Underlay increases the life of carpet floor covering.

Then, says Elite Carpet Cleaning’s Rod Richardson, consider lifestyle. Ask yourself:

  • Where will the carpet be?
  • Who will be using the space?
  • How much foot traffic will there be?

The answers to these questions will help you decide between luxurious comfort and durability and will narrow your choice of:

  • fibre type – natural or man-made
  • pile – cut or loop.

Rod suggests that when a household includes children and dogs, carpet durability needs to trump comfort.

While colour will largely be dictated by the décor, Rod has three handy hints:

  1. Lighter colours open a room up.
  2. Solid dark colours show up every bit of fluff, lint and dust. You may feel compelled to vacuum daily!
  3. A mix of darker hues can disguise stains and traffic wear.

Once you’ve made your carpet investment, Rod says help prolong its life by:

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