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Covid 19 – Sanitation with Elite Cleaning Services

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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic continues to spread across Australia, now is more
important than ever to pay attention to the hygiene of your house or workplace.

During these unprecedented times, it is a must to protect yourself, your workers (if you are a
business owner) and of course your loved ones from the virus that easily spreads. One way to
help you get rid of this virus is not only through frequent hand washing, following the basic
health protocols like social distancing and wearing a mask. But also maintaining a clean and
sanitized space.

It is also important to have your personal space clean, like your home, your office or your
business establishment. No matter how well you clean your business or home, a dangerous
virus can still work its way into the cracks and crevices that are invisible to the naked eye. In this
blog, we will share the importance of sanitation and cleaning to protect our home and office from possible virus spread.


Most of us don’t think about how important sanitation is, but the reality is that it can be a major
factor in reducing disease. Elite Cleaning Services is offering sanitation and cleaning services,
to help you achieve a healthy and pristine space. We are using high grade chemicals that are
exclusively produced by us; we guarantee that the chemicals and tools we will be using are safe
and nothing but the best!

We are using our own Elite Super Sanitizer which kills germs on contact. This active
ingredient is mainly used as an antimicrobial agent and surfactant that destroys microorganisms
and inhibits their growth long-term. Our Elite Super Sanitizer also includes high-quality
eucalyptol-containing eucalyptus oil to repel insects and kill bacteria.

During the sanitation process, we are deep cleaning the carpets, rugs, mats, etc. to ensure your
family is safe and sound from the spread of dangerous germs that might cause health problems
and disease.

Elite Covid-19 Sanitation Protocols

In response to the pandemic, Elite Cleaning Services has implemented strict protocols to ensure our customers and staff are protected from COVID-19

Premises We Regularly Sanitize

Elite Cleaning Services is proud to offer germ-killing sanitation treatments around the country. We
are expert cleaning service provider for the past 37 years in the field of cleaning and sanitizing
we are sanitizing different premises such as:

We value your safety, we are offering more than just cleaning

Elite Cleaning Services is offering more than just cleaning services. We are also offering carpet
water damage and sanitizing, sanitizing products in our online store. If you also need some help
in your pest problems, we can also help you with that. We are offering pest control in some
areas of Australia, inquire today if you need some pest control assistance; reach us at 131 580.

To know more about our services here are the list of Elite Cleaning Services we are offering:

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