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Creating a Dream Life with an Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Franchise

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Mackay – Shaun and Nicole Tucker | Elite Dry Carpet Cleaning Australia and Maintenance Services

Shaun Tucker first brought the Mackay Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Franchise in 2014 and he hasn’t looked back. Working with Elite has given him the chance to create a lifestyle that suits him and balances work with the needs of his family.

Want to learn more about the kind of lifestyle you can build with an Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Franchise? Well, here’s just a taste of the work-life balance one of our franchisees has created.

How Shaun Started with Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning

Before Shaun started with Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning, he worked in the mines and was away all the time. This wasn’t an ideal situation. Shaun had a wife and a young baby at home, and the situation became even harder with the birth of their second child. Tired of missing all those important milestones and of putting the pressure of two young babies on his wife, Shaun needed to make a change.

Family connections gave Shaun a unique opportunity. His brother’s father-in-law had owned an Elite franchise in Mackay for 18 years and was thinking about selling. With the chance to be his own boss and have control of his own hours in front of him, Shaun started working with the owner, just to see if he enjoyed the job.

He bought the business soon afterwards.

Getting Started with Elite

Lots of people worry about the difficulty of setting up a franchise. But Shaun found it remarkably easy.

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Mackay was first established in the 1980’s. Shaun bought it off his brother’s father-in-law, who had owned it for 18 years. The owner before that had run the business for 12 years. This history was important. It meant that the business already had steady clients and a good reputation in the local community.

This made it remarkably easy for Shaun to step in. Everything was already ready for him, and as he put it, “The whole purchase process was pretty easy, to be honest. The business was already set up, it had been set up for 30 years, and with the clients they had and the people I knew, it all went smoothly.”

The Benefits of Being a Franchisee

Shaun enjoyed lots of benefits when he became an Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchisee, some of them expected and some not. Firstly, he got the chance to set regular work hours for himself and to be at home more with his growing family.

One benefit that he hadn’t really expected was the fact that it gave his wife a job too! Nicole started working in the office handling the phones and admin side. And as the kids grew, she took advantage of the freedom she had gained to go back to school. She’s now studying bookkeeping so she can be in charge of that side of the business.

Shaun also likes the freedom of working a business that’s mobile and always changing, “You’re not stuck in one place. I’ll go into five or six different places so I’m always catching up with people and not stuck in an office or a workshop or construction site for months at a time.”

But the biggest benefit was that Shaun got to be his own boss. He could set his own work targets and enjoy the fruits of his labour rather than watch them go to someone else. This led to a realisation about the key element to making a carpet dry cleaning franchise successful.

And Old-Fashioned Kind of Business

As an Elite franchisee, Shaun’s workdays usually include travelling around to 5 or 6 different workplaces. This constant change keeps the work interesting and exposes Shaun to a lot of new people.

This is probably what Shaun enjoys the most about his job. He really enjoys meeting new people, learning about their lives, and making new connections. And he’s found, over the years, that his focus on creating personal connections is one of the best ways to keep his business growing.

“It’s all about making people comfortable when you’re in their house and if you can build connections with people, everyone knows someone, and people remember you and recommend you. It’s a bit of an old-fashioned sort of thing.”

This old-fashioned approach to business seems to be working for Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning in Mackay. Shaun now owns 3 vans and works with retirement homes, schools, and real estate agencies all over Mackay City, Mackay Marina, Northern Beaches, Ooralea, Pioneer Valley, Sarina Beaches and Walkerston.

The Future for Mackay Carpet Cleaning

Shaun has managed to expand the business and now has 3 vans and his own employees. He continues to drive one of the vans himself though and is content with the state of his business at the moment. As he puts it, “We could get bigger but that would mean taking me off the road and putting me at work in the business.”

This type of control is almost unheard of when you’re working for someone else. But by owning his own franchise, Shaun has been able to control his business’s growth so that it suits his dream lifestyle, rather than the other way around.

The Takeaway

Owning a franchise has given Shaun Tucker and his family the control, independence, and work-life balance that everyone wants but few people can create. And with Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning at their side, their franchise is going from strength to strength regardless of what happens in the outside world.

If you’re interested in an Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchise, then contact us today to learn about franchising opportunities.

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