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Dogs, cats, carpets and upholstery: How to live together

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Australians love pets – about 63% of us have fur babies according to the Australian Veterinary Association. And in much the same way as we can love our kids without loving their behaviour sometimes, dogs and cats can do things in the house we wish they hadn’t… Like leave so much fur behind on the fabric sofa that when you stand up wearing that little black dress, the back of your outfit is more Yeti than YSL… Or bound down the carpeted hall and onto the upholstered couch to snuggle in with you, wet fur, muddy paws and all… Or not make it outside to go to the toilet, leaving a smelly mess on the carpet. Ewww! At Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning, we know what to do to ensure your dogs and cats and carpets and upholstery coexist beautifully, cleanly. Peter Bonnily, Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Pine Rivers’ franchisee, recommends pet owners adopt some simple home practices:
  1. Vacuum at least twice a week – and use an upholstery nozzle for the sofa that Puss loves to curl up on every day to remove the shed fur.
  2. Keep your home well ventilated.
  3. Wash your dog weekly.
  4. Be consistent in toilet training of pets, even if it means having to go outside at night with the pooch.

What to do when your pet has an ‘accident’ on the carpet

Urine or faecal accidents on carpet need to be cleaned up quickly and effectively. Don’t wait for it to dry: remove as much as possible using a dry towel to soak it up. You may have noticed your cat or dog returning to the same spot. You cleaned it: what’s going on? While there may not be a stain, there’s likely to be an odour that you cannot smell. By the time you can smell the odour, you have a big hygiene issue. The trick is not in deodorising. It’s in sanitising. And that’s the difference between a DIY response and professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, explains Peter, our cat and dog loving carpet and upholstery cleaning professional. “The smell comes from bacteria. Deodoriser masks the smell, it doesn’t kill bacteria. It’s the odour from the first incident that will attract your pet back to the same spot, even if you can’t smell it.”

More than a surface problem

Urine can soak through the carpet and the underlay, to the flooring beneath. Faecal matter can dry and wear into carpet fibres. Dirt, fur and pet dander (dead skin, saliva and urine protein) can also build up in your carpet, even when you vacuum. Dust mites and bacteria feed on all this unseen filth. When you live with cats or dogs, and they live inside even some of the time, you need to get your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months. Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning professionals have the equipment to get deep down into the fibres of your carpet to remove bacteria-forming build-up. We have a range of sanitising agents that kill bacteria and odours without endangering your beloved pets’ health and effective ‘spot lifters’ for stains. Next time your pet has an accident, get the expert advice you need for effective prompt treatment by calling your local Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning professional on 131580.

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