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Elite erases grubby tourists’ hotel room souvenirs

Every hotelier has a horror story about guests who acted as though their rooms were pigsties—or worse.

Apparently, the more people pay for their accommodation, the more loutish their behaviour can be.

It’s evidenced by spills and stains—even ‘souvenirs’ of the last guest’s bodily functions in places they shouldn’t be!

A few years back, in the UK, a database was launched to blacklist so-called ‘guests from hell’: it was a bit like review websites such as TripAdviser only the shoe was on the other foot, shaming visitors.

Australia hasn’t gone down the path – quite possibly because hotels have the telephone number of their local Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning service on speed-dial for spill and stain disasters that housekeeping just can’t handle.

“When people are spending on accommodation, their response to a spill isn’t to clean it straight away but leave it for housekeeping,” says Elite Carpet business owner Stephen Diehm who helps to keep Cairns’ resorts, hotels and motels clean, and hygienic—spotless for a check-in just hours away.

“The delay in response can be the difference between a simple spill and a problem stain.”

Coffee, red wine and blood are the main—and regular—stain makers on Australian hotel upholstery, curtains and carpets needing Elite’s expertise.

When the alarm is raised by hotel housekeeping that Room 123 needs some professional stain removing attention, the Elite cleaning system makes the difference between ‘business as usual’ or a reshuffling of room assignments or a delayed check-in.

“With a check-out at 10am and new guests in at 2pm, we can have upholstery and carpet clean and dry. No-one knows what’s gone on. The accommodation will look, smell and feel like it should – top-notch, welcoming the new arrival.”

If you are in Australian travel and tourism accommodation, it pays to have your local Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning specialist on speed-dial. Call 131580 to meet your stain removal professional and keep your check-ins checking in.

PS: Who behaves badly when travelling? We, at Elite, like the hoteliers, won’t kiss and tell but you can check out travel app Triposo’s recent survey.

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