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Elite helps save our native wildlife

Saving our native wildlife is near and dear to many Australians, but Elite Central West franchisees, Steve and Pamela Dury, have joined WIRES to help rescue and re-release our native treasures.

WIRES, or Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service, is a not for profit organisation dedicated to the rescue and relocation of native Australian animals in distress.

WIRES can be called for many reasons, often relocating orphaned animals after car accidents, retrieving animals in distress or raising sick and viable animals until they can be safely relocated back into the wild.

Having supported WIRES for a number of years – Pamela is the chairperson for the Bathurst region – it’s not unusual for Pamela and Steve to have the odd native animal living with them. Earlier this year, a wallaroo and microbat stayed with their family as they helped to raise them and return them to the wild.

Naturally, when WIRES asked volunteers and members for help, Steve and Pamela were quick to support the fundraising trivia night with a highly sought after prize – free carpet cleaning for the entire home, valued up to $400. This easily covers the needs of the most homes to ensure the winner could enjoy clean and sanitised carpets throughout their house without the need to pay extra.

The trivia night was a great success, raising over $2,000 for the organisation from hundreds of local animal lovers. Everything including the prizes, food and location were donated so every dollar raised would benefit the organisation.

With Steve and Pamela having a common interest in preserving native wildlife, they were elated with the results and contribution from the community. WIRES recently released a new app to help better manage community callouts so fundraising efforts like the trivia night mean more initiatives like this can be implemented, and ensure the general management of the organisation continues.

If you live in NSW and see an animal in distress, contact WIRES on 1300 394 737 or visit their website at wires.org.au

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