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Fight COVID-19 with Elite’s Dry-Carpet & Upholstery Dry Cleaning Service

Many people are wearing masks when they go out but some don’t realize the dangers lurking in their own homes. If worried about the recent Coronavirus epidemic and want to keep your home as clean as possible to protect the health of your family. Then Elite’s deep dry cleaning service is right for you. Our deep carpet dry clean is perfect for the cooler winter months when bugs thrive.

The Latest offer from Elite of getting rid of disease-causing pathogens from your home. Your carpets and upholstery a deep clean to help control any germs present using our proprietary Super Sanitiser.Created with the best ingredients, it is the ultimate solution to kill germs on carpets and upholstery in your home. Elite’s Super Sanitiser is completely safe to apply around children and pets. We do not use strong bleaches or chemical solvents so it is appropriate for most fibers too. By removing these virus-carrying nasties, you and your family can rest assured your home is clean and hygienic this winter. Service is highly recommended for nuclear families are at increased risk of getting sick during these cold months.

Due to Coronavirus lockdown carpets have seen a lot more use and possibly some more stains! Besides limiting the chances of Coronavirus surviving on surfaces in your home. Our professional deep carpet and upholstery dry-cleaning service gets rid of any marks. That was accumulated dirt or bad smells stuck in your carpet’s pile and on upholstered items. Odor counteractants in our Super Sanitiser product reach deep down, neutralizing foul smells and odors. So you can enjoy a pleasant-smelling home again.

Our products do not leave any trace behind, hence your home will be left with fresh, scented when we’re done. Besides cleaning your carpets, Elite also help make your mattresses, beds, and rugs hygienically clean using our specialized sanitation treatments. Our unique sanitation treatment only takes minutes to apply and your carpets will be ready to use again in under 5 minutes. Even in winter!

Our first priority has always been our customers and during the current pandemic, we are taking extra precautions. All Elite carpet cleaning technicians follow COVID-19 guidance from the Australian Government Department of Health. Taking measures to ensure we stop the spread. Whilst in your home, we will always keep a physical distance of greater than 1.5 metres. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment and regularly sanitise our hands and disinfect our equipment. We are serious about protecting the health and wellbeing of all our customers. So you can rest assured we have implemented stringent measures to protect you and your family members.

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Winter is an especially risky time for the spread of pathogens and microorganisms due to the colder weather. So if you’d like to protect your loved ones, Elite Carpet dry-Cleaning is the best local cleaning service. Supported by a team of dedicated technicians, we have been helping Aussie families have a hygienic home for 3 decades. With modern equipment and quality products, we are the first choice when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning. If you’re concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene of your home, please contact Elite this winter to arrange your dry-carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Simply call one of our friendly team members on 131 580 or visit

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