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Flooded stores

It had been a busy Saturday in the suburban hairdressing salon. Veronica* (we’ll call her that because she prefers anonymity) still had her morning coffee, half-drunk and stone-cold, sitting behind the appointments counter. She also had a mountain of towels that needed washing.

‘Ah well’, thought Veronica, one of Australia’s 2.1 million small business owners, as she loaded the washing machine just before leaving for the night. ‘I’ll pop back in the morning, get this lot into the dryer, and whack another load on while I get on top of our supplies. Day off, yippee!’

And as the water trickled into the washing machine in the laundry at the back of the shopping strip, Veronica flicked out the salon lights and headed home.

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning professional Steven Diehm received a very flustered early morning wake-up call the next morning—from the retailer whose shop was adjacent to the hair salon.

Joyce* had arrived to freshen up the window display of her boutique before Sunday trading commenced, only to find her shopfloor awash.

Steven was onsite within an hour, assessing the flood situation.

A pipe connected to the washing machine next door had burst and water had found its way into Joyce’s store.

The carpet in Joyce’s boutique was squelchy. Water levels hadn’t reached heights to affect stock but clearly, she couldn’t trade.

Retailers came to Joyce’s aid helping to empty the shop and secure her stock while Steven got to work, first with extraction.

About 600 litres of water was sucked out of the carpet. That’s the equivalent of about 2,400 cups of coffee.

The shop was dried, cleaned, sanitised and ready to resume business on the Monday.

That’s how Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning helps small business get back to business when accidents seem to be disasters.

Every one of Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning’s franchises is a small business. We know the pressures small businesses are under to operate. We won’t let your business down when in need of prompt, professional, efficient carpet and upholstery cleaning. Call 131580 for your local Elite Carpet specialist’s attention.

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