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How an [Elite Franchise] Gives Kerrie Control of a Business that Works

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You will probably spend between 40 and 50 years in the workforce and one third of your life will be spent at work. That’s an awful lot of time to spend in a place you don’t like, doing what other people tell you to do all the time. At least, that’s part of what drove Kerrie Spindler and Phil Gunns to become Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchisees.

Kerrie and Phil took over the Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchise in Gosford, NSW in 2002. Since that day, Kerrie has relished the opportunity to run a business that works in the way she sees fit.

Here’s how Kerrie has created the independence and the success she wants in her career while having a few laughs along the way!  

Kerrie’s Franchise Story

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The Gosford branch of Elite Carpet Dry cleaning was first established in 1984 and Kerrie’s husband Phil worked with the owner. So, when the opportunity came up to buy the franchise, Kerrie jumped at it.

Kerrie took over the franchise in 2002. As the first female franchisee, she faced some opposition to her taking over. But Kerrie knew what she wanted. She wanted the freedom and the independence of running her own business the way she wanted to run it, so she pushed through. Kerrie now believes that Elite chose them rather than the other way around and has done what she can to offer Elite the best results possible.

Kerrie’s dedication helped her to win the Elite Franchisee of the Year Award in 2013. Her franchise now covers Gosford and its surroundings suburbs on the Central Coast.

Why Become a Franchisee?  

For Kerrie, the best thing about become an Elite franchisee was that she was buying into a business that works. This took away a lot of the fear and uncertainty that comes with owning a business and not having the necessary support or business knowledge to succeed.

Kerrie has enjoyed all the freedoms of owning her own business including the ability to:

  • Make her own business decisions
  • See all of her hard work paying off and enjoying its results
  • Set her own hours and holidays
  • Enjoy a variety of jobs and workplaces
  • Work within her local area
  • Answer to no one but herself and her family

Along with these freedoms, she also has the security of working with a big-name company with a proven record of success and a pathway to help her achieve results. Becoming an Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchisee rather than opening her own business allowed Kerrie to:

  • Build her business using Elite’s name and reputation
  • Learn from other franchisees and gain new skills
  • Use Elite’s tried and tested business frameworks and strategies
  • Get amazing results for her customers using Elite’s high-quality products and equipment

Working with Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning offered Kerrie and her family the best of both worlds. She got to enjoy her independence and the power of controlling her own schedule and business. But she also enjoyed the security, business connections, and strategies that came along with an Elite franchise.

This franchise arrangement is truly the best of both worlds. Or, in Kerrie’s words, it allowed her to “…run a business that works.”

Variety and Fun with an Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Franchise

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning in Gosford specialises in real estate rental services, offering carpet cleaning for tenants and end of lease. They also offer:

  • Lounge cleaning
  • Carpet repairs
  • Pest control including pre-purchase inspections
  • Grout and tile cleaning
  • Mattress and upholstery cleaning
  • Protection treatments for carpet and upholstery

These services keep Kerrie and her husband Phil busy, but sometimes they get some unexpected requests. Recently, they arrived at a property to clean and were asked if they moved the furniture while they did the work. Of course, the answer was yes. But this is where the job took an unexpected turn.

After being told that the team did move the furniture to clean, the customer asked, “Then could you us move ours downstairs where we are moving to?” Needless to say, this was an unexpected request! Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchises pride themselves on providing expert and total cleaning, but that doesn’t include moving services!

An Unexpected Bonus to Becoming a Franchisee

When Kerrie and Phil became Elite franchisees, they expected to run their own business, on their own schedule. But they didn’t know that becoming a franchisee sometimes came with some unexpected bonuses!

When they bought their franchise, they also purchased the previous owner’s house. And when they moved in, they discovered that the house came with an extra who became a beloved member of the family. Kerrie explains, “… we also got his dog called Bear as Peter had nowhere to keep him so he asked if we could mind Bear. We had him for 8 years until he passed away at 15 years.

Making a big change like becoming an Elite franchisee can be frightening. But when you take a chance like that, it can have lots of expected and unexpected benefits. And those benefits won’t just be for your career. Change in one part of your life tends to affect the others, so you can expect some benefits for your life as a whole!

The Takeaway

When you work with Elite, you’ll gain a whole new way of life, control over your time and your business, as well as marketable skills. But as Kerrie’s story proves, you don’t know just how much your life will change and expand until you take that step!

Claim control over your career with Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning’s proven franchise model for business success. Talk to one of our team today about franchise options.

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