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How To Clean Mattresses? [Tips and Benefits]

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Mattresses are definitely a must-have in our household. They are responsible for our comfortable sleep every night. After all, without a good night’s sleep, our day cannot start properly. But when it comes to cleaning our mattresses, most of us have a very reluctant approach. 

This is why, often it is seen that the mattresses wan out very quickly, whereas they are generally made to last at least eight to ten years. But a little cleaning every now and then can surely increase its longevity. 

However, sometimes cleaning your carpet can become quite difficult. There can be some persistent stains that cannot be removed from a general wash. Also, not cleaning your carpets for a prolonged period of time can turn them into a breeding ground of various germs, viruses and even bugs.

In such a scenario, you need the help of some professionals who knows how to take care of a situation like this and make your carpet clean and healthy again. Wondering where can you find one such service provider?

Well, you have landed on the right page. Here, we will be telling you all about the perfect professional cleaning service for your mattresses and other upholstery items. Also, we will be looking at some helpful, easy-to-do tips to keep your mattresses clean all year round.

So, let’s get started.

How To Keep Your Mattresses Clean And Fresh All Year Long?

When it comes to cleaning mattresses, you should not take a general approach. However, here are some easy-to-do general tips that anyone can do to keep their mattresses clean. 

  • Wash The Sheets: 

The first step is of course cleaning your sheets. You should take out each part and clean them well, including the mattress protector as well. It is always advisable to keep the mattress protector on all the time since it will prevent sweat stains.

  • Vacuum The Surface:

Next, you need to vacuum the surface of the mattress. Make sure you put the vacuum in the ideal mode for your mattress. Vacuuming your mattress at repeated interval can make your mattress free of all dust mites.

Ideally, you should use the upholstery attachment; however, you can also go for the nozzle fitting as well. The only difference that you will face is regarding the time since the nozzle fitting will cover less area.

Make sure you are not using the regular turbo head nozzle since it can also damage your mattress and other upholstery items. However, if there are thick pillows, groovy designs and other indentations, then those fittings can be quite useful.

  • Clean The Stains:

Do you know the worst enemies of your mattress? Well, they are drool and sweat. They are the ones that cause the biggest stains on your carpet. Now, to get rid of these, you need proper stain removers such as upholstery or enzyme cleaners. But sometimes, a lot of people buy the wrong ones as well. Hence, you need to always check the back of the bottle to make sure the product you are buying is suitable to use on mattresses. If you are not sure as to which product to use on your mattress, you can also go for a mild dishwashing liquid in a cup of water and it can also do the trick for you.

If you have a foam mattress then it is imperative that you keep it as dry as possible. You can just add a small amount of cleaner directly to the stain and it will remove the stain right away. You should not force the material into the mattress and never let the moisture stay back. You can repeat this process till the time the stain vanishes. If not, you can always go for a professional cleaning service. 

  • Deodorize the mattress:

The odour of your mattress is another problem. Hiring a unique cleaning service can help you in this as well. However, you can try out some methods at home as well. Like, you can take out the mattress and put it under direct sunlight or place it next to a window where it can get ample sunlight. The rays of the sun can sanitize the mattress and keep the odour away. 

Apart from that, you can also use bicarbonate of soda across the surface of the mattress and let it stay for some time. You need to give it some time to show its function. Then around the time of sunset, you can take it back in.

  • Vacuum The Mattress Again

Lastly, just vacuum the mattress one more time to suck up any leftover bicarbonate soda. After that, put on the freshly washed mattress protector and sheets back on.

But what if the stain is worse than you thought?

Then you would definitely need the help of a Mattress cleaning service. Wondering where can you find one such dedicated and professional service? Well, fret not and just visit

Mattress cleaning is not a matter of joke and they take it very seriously. Compared to any other mattress cleaning service or Upholstery dry cleanerthey offer something more effective.

Their team of expert professionals will judge the severity of your problem and take actions accordingly.

  • They use the hot water extraction method to make your mattress clean without hampering its quality.
  • They have their own range of cleaning agents and that’s why they will use their own Elite super sanitiser in the cleaning process. 
  • They also use alkaline pre-spray and acidic neutralizer to bring the pH of the fibre back to 7 after cleaning. This makes your mattress ideal to sleep on even after cleaning.

So, there you have it, all the questions you had regarding cleaning your mattress effectively without hampering the quality. If you follow the basic cleaning steps mentioned above, it will help you keep your mattresses clean and comfy for a long time.

Should you have any further queries, feel free to mention that in the comments section.

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