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How to Remove Red Cordial Stains

How To Remove Red Cordial Stains On Carpets


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Everyone loves cordial, especially the red variety! However, without a doubt, if you have kids you’ll eventually have to face a cordial spill. In this blog, Elite offers some practical advice to help you try and avoid a permanent mark from spilt cordial.

First of all, we have to be realistic and let you know that the colouring used in red cordial is usually a permanent dye that can very easily stain your pristine carpet and leave behind a permanent mark. With this in mind, it’s essential you act as quickly as possible whenever faced with a cordial spill. This is even more important for wool and some nylon carpets as cordial that’s spilt will often create a permanent stain even when it is treated immediately.


Removing Cordial Stains from your Carpet

When dealing with cordial stains, the primary goal is to remove as much of the mark as we can as quickly as possible. By doing this, the initial visible mark will decrease and it will also make it easier for a professional carpet cleaner, like one of Elite’s technicians, to completely remove the remainder of the stain later on.

Our local carpet cleaners always give the same advice – your first port of call is to soak up and absorb the maximum amount of the liquid spill as possible. This advice is even more important for cordial spills as their dyes can quickly turn into a more permanent stain once the cordial dries into the carpet pile.


The Best Method To Remove Cordial Stains From Your Carpet


When it comes to cordial stains, follow these steps to increase your chances of avoiding a more permanent mark.


  1. Dab at the stain until dry

Firstly, quickly grab a soft towel or dry sponge and apply gentle pressure down on the spill. Make sure you keep doing this until no more liquid is absorbed by the towel or cloth.


  1. Use Cold Water

Secondly, we definitely recommend sponging the affected location using cold water then dabbing until dry using a clean white cloth. The best method is standing on an old bath towel folded twice which helps soak up the majority of the stain.


  1. Use Elite Supa Spotta

The next step is getting your hands on some of Elite’s proprietary cleaner – Supa Spotta. This product works miracles and can be purchased affordably from our online store anytime. Make sure you treat the cordial stain by following the instructions on our bottle and magically the majority of the stain will vanish. The next best treatment if your Supa Spotta hasn’t arrived yet is to soak your sponge in a weak solution of cold water and dishwashing liquid then repeatedly blot it with a clean towel and fresh water.


  1. Try A Mild Heat Treatment

Another option for more stubborn cordial stains is a heat treatment. Start by spraying a small amount of Supa Spotta onto the stain then cover it with a white towelling cloth. Bring out your iron and heat to it a medium low temperature with steam. Place the cloth over the stain then put your iron above it for around 20 seconds. This has the effect of using the heat from your iron to release remaining marks when it has not fully set. A word of warning, make sure you try this process in an out of sight area before using a hot iron to treat the stain to make sure it does not bleach or burn your valuable carpet.


  1. Book A Service With Elite

Even with all the above treatments, sometimes we cannot get to a stain fast enough or notice it until it’s too late. When remnants of the stain still remain and you’d like a professional stain removal service, simply pick up the phone and call Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning on 131 580 or visit One of our highly trained and qualified carpet cleaning technicians will be out quickly to inspect your cordial stain and work on removing it once and for all. While we’re there, we can even give the carpets in your other rooms a professional going over.

The team at Elite don’t just look after carpets. We can help with mattress cleaning, blind cleaning and water damage restoration as well as pest control. Our skilled technicians service domestic and commercial clients around the country on a daily basis so why not give us a call now on 131 580 or visit

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