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Preparing your home for Holiday Rentals

preparing your carpets for holiday rentals | Elite Dry Carpet Cleaning Australia and Maintenance Services

The sharing economy is definitely in full swing, with Deloitte Access Economics reporting that “Airbnb hosts in Queensland earned a median income of $4,700 in 2015-16 – a fairly modest supplement to a household’s main sources of income.”

You may have considered the opportunities of this “share economy” and have thought about putting your home up for rent on a website like Stayz or Airbnb. So how can you make your home stand out from the rest and fetch a great overnight rate for your troubles?

Our Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Specialists have been helping people like you prepare their homes for holiday and short-term rentals for many years, across many tourist destinations like the mid-north coast of NSW, the Gold and Sunshine Coast regions and Airlie Beach – just to name a few!

Kay Ross from Elite Fraser Coast says “Having family and friends as guests in your home is one thing. Letting a group of paying customers in is something entirely different. You do not want to disappoint: Bad reviews can definitely sour the experience. Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning service both domestic residential homes and have industry involvement with some of the larger hotel chains. So you know you are in the hands of professionals.”

“You will need to have a thorough and efficient housekeeping schedule in place. Be prepared to knuckle down and your guests will thank you for it.”

So what type of preparations are you likely to need before your first guest arrives?

Fresh Air & Natural Light

First, open your windows to allow the fresh air to sweep on through. If possible, take off any blinds or curtains and wash or air out these window coverings – the sunlight can also act as a natural deodoriser for your curtains. Try to do this on a clear, sunny day if possible.

While the natural light is streaming inside, identify areas that require a deep clean and get to work. The fresh air will also keep you safe when using cleaning products inside the room.


You will need to remove clutter before letting strangers into your home. Remove personal items from view, such as family photos, knick-knacks and sentimental objects that are important for you. Your guests are coming for a relaxing break, so clean out the cupboards and make sure you provide ample wardrobe space and areas for them to leave their clothes, shoes and luggage.

Bring each room back to basics and add just enough personality to make the space inviting and welcoming. Having a blank slate from which to style the home can also be handy for your online photo gallery. So take your photos when the house is clean and styled.

Beds & Linen

Invest in some mattress protectors for your beds. Mattresses can be expensive items, so it is best to have some protection – particularly if small children and pets will be permitted in your home. Thoroughly vacuum your beds and make sure they are in good condition. Make sure your linen is well stocked and clean, particularly if you intend to provide this level of service to your guests.


Always sweep or vacuum before mopping. Hard floor areas with tiles and floorboards always gather dust, so remove the dust before you mop. This will ensure your floors look shiny and clean, regardless of age.

For carpeted areas and floor rugs, these will need a thorough vacuum and spot clean. If you have neglected your carpets and rugs, this may be the time to invest in a professional clean. Instead of throwing away the old, make enquiries into the cost of having these areas cleaned and treated.

Stain protection treatment on your carpets, floor area rugs and runners, and lounges will give you peace of mind when your guests are staying. “Stain protection acts as an insurance policy for your flooring and furniture,” says Stefan from Elite Sunshine Coast. “I would not let my house out without it.”

Door Mats

What a welcoming sight a nice doormat is. But in reality this is added protection for your home’s entrances. To keep excess dirt from entering your home, place coarse-textured doormats outside for your guests to wipe their shoes on before entering.

There are many more tips available for renting your home out for temporary rentals on all the major websites, so make sure you are prepared. A little hard work can go a long way in creating a successful experience for all involved. Contact us for further information about our services for your Carpet Dry Cleaning, Rugs or Upholstery Cleaning needs.

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