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How to remove pet smells

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carpet stains removed by elitePets are great, their smells… not so much. At Elite we spend quite a bit of time helping our customers keep their homes sweet smelling, whether they have pets or not. Here are a few things you can do to keep pet smells to a minimum and to keep them that way*, from basic steps to eliminate animal odours to more drastic measures:

Dealing with an unwanted ‘deposit’

Try to remove the source of the smell as soon as possible, if this is due to a ‘deposit’ of one description or another, try to clean up as much of it as you can, as soon as you can.
Next use baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to ‘mop up’ the rest of the smell – baking soda is a powerful odour absorber and it will generally not stain fabric, carpet or furniture, but to be on the safe side test on a small or hidden part of the item you want to use it on, just to be sure. Leave the baking soda in place until it’s dry (for at least an hour), then sweep it up and remove. If you can, it’s advisable to wash or dry clean any clothes or fabric that have been affected.
White vinegar is also pretty good at removing smells – scrub it in and leave it there for 5-10 minutes before rinsing away.

Finally use an extracting wet vacuum system to remove any final residues and smell – it’s much better to use a wet vacuum system than a steam cleaner, which may ‘bake’ the odour into the carpet or fabric

Bear in mind that urine may well sink through carpet to the underlay or the floor surface below, and you will have to remove to clean these as well to make sure that the smell goes away. If these steps don’t work, repeat but using an enzyme based cleaning product, which works by breaking down the urine at a chemical level, and then follow up with the baking soda treatment again.

Dealing with a built up animal smell

This advice won’t be enough if you want to get rid of an animal smell that has built up over time, for example moving into a new house or apartment where the previous occupants kept animals.” advises Elite franchisee for Brisbane Northside, Westside, Pine Rivers and Redcliffe, Pete Bonnily. “The odour could just be an accumulation of the natural animal smell, often from the oils in the animals’ coats, or a long series of deposits over time that haven’t been cleaned up properly. In this case you’d be advised to get professional help, or consider the more drastic steps of installing new carpet and/or repainting. I’d also suggest cleaning the walls and floors thoroughly using an enzyme based cleaning product before putting in new carpet or repainting.

Preventative measures

It’s natural for animals to want to mark their territory, and the inside of your home is part of it. If they can smell their own urine, they will want to refresh this marker every now and again, so stop them from doing this by totally removing the smell. As animal sense of smell is a lot better than human, the cleanup has to be a very good job to stop them from marking their territory again.

Keep the house generally free of animal odours by regularly washing all of their toys, cushions, blankets etc and cleaning out litter trays (you can use baking soda in litter trays as well) – weekly is good. Consider getting a HEPA air filter system to continuously remove any lingering animal smells.

Use a pet odour neutralising spray as opposed to candles and/or other scents, which will only cover up the smells, not remove them.

That’s our advice – do you have any tips we missed?

*we could just say ‘call us’, but we won’t!

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