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Rescued dog and blood stained car

Stopping to give aid to an injured dog, left for dead on a roadside recently, left good Samaritan Krystal’s new car in a bloody mess.

Her immediate concern was for the dog, driving about 60 minutes to an all-hours emergency vet in the early hours of a morning.

Driving home, the tired night worker had looked at her front passenger seat upholstery and the carpet and knew she had one more task to do before sleeping: she dropped in on her mum Cheryl who has been with Elite Carpet Cleaning for more than 30 years.

“She remembered me saying to keep stains moist,” says Cheryl.

“Once blood sets, the stain is often permanent and the odour is hard to get rid of too.”

Cheryl set to work on the car upholstery and carpet using Supa Spotta, a general purpose spot and surface cleaner and stain remover, available exclusively through Elite Carpet Cleaning franchises.

The result? As good as new. In fact, the result is so good, that if Krystal’s car is ever inspected as part of a criminal investigation, there may be some explaining to do about the microscopic traces of blood, invisible to the naked eye!

As for the dog, it was in the vet’s care for two days and the RSPCA tracked down the owner. Krystal and Cheryl were told Poppy the pooch would make a full recovery.

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