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Party season surprise first-aid hacks for homemakers

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If you’re hosting a get-together for family and friends this holiday party season, you’ll know it’s not just Santa who is busy making a list and checking it twice.

You’ll have a list of people who are definitely coming – and probably another for those who just haven’t RSVPed but are likely to show up! – plus the food and drink that’s needed. You may have a count of the glassware and plates that are needed. Maybe even a list of what needs to be done around the house to set the scene – lighting, decorations and so on.

At Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning, we love a good party. And we’ve seen some war zone like aftermaths because a few things were not thought about in the pre-party planning.

So our gift to you this Christmas season is 3 tips to help your entertaining be a time you’ll want to remember.

1.    Limit your party zone

Hosting an ‘Open House’ party doesn’t mean your entire home is open to the crowd. Through decorative settings and placement of seats and tables, create an obvious ‘zone’ that doesn’t include your ‘best room’ with its carpet and furnishings. Spills are a reality at parties: the only spills we’re encouraging are your guests spilling outside…

2.    Enjoy your outdoor space

Gardens, verandahs, courtyards – Australian Christmases are made for the outdoor living. Create shade with festive sails and when the sun fades, use solar-powered lanterns and spot lighting for atmosphere.

Outdoor parties are much easier to clean up spills and mess too.

3.    Know your carpet clean-up first aid

Hired a frozen cocktail machine for the party? You must read on!

The most likely spills that will stain are red wine and drinks with colouring – soft drinks or frozen ices (alcoholic or kid-friendly).

How to minimise staining from spilled red wine or coloured drink?

Use cotton towels to blot the spill. Keep blotting.

There’s only one DIY surface cleaner and stain remover that we trust: the special formulation of Supa Spotta has a 30 year proven track record. Many cheap supermarket products can actually make a stain worse! Using Supa Spotta, available only through Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchisees, is as easy as a short spray directly on the affected area followed, about 60 seconds later, by wiping with a warm, damp white cloth.

Without Supa Spotta, if the spill looks like staining, cover it with a damp towel and keep it damp until you can get professional carpet cleaning advice: our number is 131580.

There’s another carpet first-aid we don’t talk about much because, well, it’s offensive. It’s the worst party clean-up ever! Okay, we have to say the word… sorry: VOMIT!

If your party is outside, hopefully any upchuck will be on the garden. Often though, the need to be sick comes suddenly and there’s no time to get to a bathroom. What do you do for the clean-up?

Cleaning vomit from carpet first aid

Start by removing as much of the ‘chunky’ vomit as possible. A dustpan, spoon or scraper is handy.

Then blot the area with paper towel to absorb the moist bilious stuff.

That’s carpet first aid. In a day or two, you’ll need professional help because of the smell, a sign of bacteria growing in your carpet. Cleaning is not enough. Your carpet needs to be sanitised and deodorised. Call Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning’s telephone number – 131580 – and we’ll be there for this smelly carpet staining emergency.

Read also find our advice on glass breakages and beer stains.

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