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Rug Cleaning and Sanitizing Benefits – Elite Cleaning Care

a cleaning equipment used for cleaning and sanitizing rugs

It’s important to clean and sanitize your rug. It’ll not only look better, it’ll also help you
avoid the hassle of distributing dirt and allergens throughout your home.

This blog post is about rug cleaning and sanitizing. Here’s a quick guide to help you
learn about the benefits of proper rug cleaning and sanitization, as well as why it is
important to have a professional clean your rugs for you.

Rug and Mat Cleaning

Do you have a rug or mat that you want to get cleaned? Having a dirty and smelly rug
can be a challenge in your daily life, but did you know that your rug and mat is a magnet
of dirt, dust mites, and bacteria?

Elite offers professional rug and mat cleaning services. We also offer more than just
carpet cleaning. Upon the service, we can sanitize the rug and your mat to make sure
it’s sanitized; with our cleaning chemicals and technician’s expertise, we will make
sure that your rug or mat is clean.

Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, hallway, office space, or anywhere else in the
home, we can clean them!

Our certified Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Technicians can get your carpets
immaculately clean; they can do the same for your rugs and mats with our Rug
Cleaning Services.

Our technicians can get rugs and mats looking Fresh and Clean in no time.

Benefits of cleaning your RUG with Elite Services

Dealing with allergies? Our products are safe to use around kids
and pets!

Allergies are a common issue for many Australians – and it’s not just humans who can
be affected. Pets and kids also have their fair share of allergies, so we wanted to take
the time to talk about how our products work around these sensitivities.

On a daily basis, the rugs are the first thing we step on when we enter our house or
entry area’s, for sure this is also the magnet of the house for the dirt and bacteria that is
unsafe to inhale.

During the cleaning process of the Elite Cleaning Service team, we sanitize the carpet,
rugs, and mats, removing the stains and unwanted odor.

We use 100% safe ingredients in all of our products, which means that you don’t need
to worry about any nasty chemicals or fragrances getting on your clothes or furniture
either! And because we’re committed to providing an allergy-friendly experience for
everyone, you’ll find that all of our products are non-toxic too. We are mixing our own
cleaning solution, so it’s a guarantee that it is safe to use.

You’ll have a cleaner rug.

A cleaner rug is just a few clicks away. Cleaning your rugs can be time consuming and
expensive, but with Elite Cleaning Services you’ll have your rug cleaner in no time.

Our professional team has mastered the art of rug cleaning and sanitizing for the past 37 years. We can
make sure once you book our service, you’ll have a cleaner rug, sanitized and it will dry
in less than an hour, yes in just less than 1 hour. We are using Elite Super Sanitizer that helps to get rid of bacteria and germs for your
rug and mat to be clean.

Why Elite’s Carpet Dry Cleaning method works on mats and rugs:

● Our advanced Carpet Dry Cleaning Technology is ideal for cleaning your rugs
and mats, getting deep into the pile to remove built up dirt, grit and dust particles.
● Your rugs and mats will be professionally vacuumed and deodorized.
● If you desire you can also have Elite Carpet Protection treatment applied.

Upon the cleaning service, we can also remove all the unwanted stains and spots in
your rugs. We can safely remove stains and odors from your rugs and mats. In some
instances, owners have effectively saved their mats through the cleaning process. Rugs
they thought were past their use-by date have been resurrected!

Your family will be healthier.

Cleaning the place you live is the best gift you can give to yourself and your family.

During these unprecedented times, cleaning, sanitizing your home and your personal
space is a must!

A recent study shows that the average person carries around 10 million bacteria per
square inch of skin. You may not realize it, but this includes all types of bacteria,
including those that cause illness and disease.

Regular cleaning with sanitizing can help your family live a healthier life.
Are you in need of Rug Cleaning and Sanitizing? And other cleaning services?
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Using the expertise and experience of a professional dry cleaner will save you time,
money, and stress in your busy household. Elite Cleaning Services is committed to
providing customers with fast service for all their cleaning needs.

We are also offering the following services:

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