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What’s the significance of classroom carpet?

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We all want what’s best for our children and at Elite Carpet Cleaning we know ‘best’ can mean many things to different people: it’s a big topic of debate.

There’s much to be said about the dedication of teachers, the quality of management of schools and the culture of learning.

And then there’s the learning environment.

When you last visited a school or kindergarten, did you look at the play equipment? Did you notice the configuration of the desks in the classroom?

Did you notice the carpet? (Be honest – probably not).

Yet carpet in classrooms plays a significant role in enhancing learning – and carpet cleaning professionals like Elite Carpet Cleaning franchisee Byron Smith are proud of the role they play.

We asked Byron, who works the Brisbane bayside area and includes some high-performing schools among his clients, to explain four surprising ways carpet helps improve classroom learning.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Reducing noise

Playground noise, chatter from other rooms, outside noises: they are all distractions that can make it hard for your youngster to hear the teacher’s instructions and concentrate in class.

One UK study of 2,000 school-aged children, aged 7 – 10, confirmed noise levels influence children’s performance, adversely affect national test results and can have lifetime consequences.

Carpet in the classroom absorbs sound – some overseas studies suggest as much as 10 times more efficiently than other flooring options.

  1. Improved air quality

Many schools have asthma management plans. Did you know that carpet is one of the best ways to minimise children’s exposure to asthma triggers? That’s because carpet traps allergen-causing substances, keeping them locked away from circulating in the breathing zone.

Regular professional cleaning of the carpets in schools safely removes the build-up and creates a healthier learning environment.

  1. Safety

Carpet provides better traction. There are fewer falls and slips in carpeted classrooms – and the softer cushioned surface reduces the risk of injury.

  1. Leg fatigue

Teachers are on their feet all day. Standing on carpet rather than a hard surface is easier on the back and the legs and that makes for a teacher who has more enthusiasm and energy to give – and our children benefit from that effort.

Did you realise carpet in the classroom had such direct impacts on learning and educational performance?

Byron Smith says the maintenance cost for carpet cleaning in classrooms is relatively small. While he gets called in for the occasional spot-clean, the schools he serves budget for quarterly thorough deep cleans during the school holidays for kindergarten, pre-school and prep classrooms, and half yearly for the higher grades.

Healthy classrooms equal happy learners. Elite Carpet Cleaning is proud to support kids and others within the education system. Contact us; we’d love to help the next generation!

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