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Don’t let stains ruin these school holidays

school holidays and stains - avoid stains these school holidays | Elite Dry Carpet Cleaning Australia and Maintenance Services

School holidays always seem to be right around the corner. You recover from one lot of holidays, and life gets back to normal with the morning routine, school lunches and afternoon sports booked in, and a few weeks later – the kids are on holidays again!

For the most part, it is an enjoyable time with lots of fun and laughter through the house. There is always plenty of food and drink being consumed, and taken into bedrooms and places you usually don’t have your family meals. There may even be an arts-and-crafts-station setup for those budding artists, and sleepovers are a must!

However, in amongst the giggles and glitter, the children will inevitably spill something on the carpet, couch or their clothing that will leave a serious stain if left untreated.

It could be the bedroom carpets end up littered with crumbs or spilt soft-drink. The couch may also be looking a little worse for wear following hours of boys playing x-box and eating salt and vinegar chips, dropping crumbs everywhere because they can’t take their eyes off the screen! Healthy snacks like bananas can also leave a trail of destruction, with banana skin stuffed down the side of the couch, only to be found days later.

The rumpus room rug may have received a shower of glitter that now sparkles in the sunlight, and little bits of blu tack may have joined the party too. There could be crayon in the carpet and nail polish spots on the tiles.

It will be at this very point that you lose your mind. So how can you deal with the most common holiday stain offenders?

This is where a simple motto – be prepared – comes in. The best way to avoid the battering of soiled carpets and stained rugs is to organise for professional cleaning and fabric protection to be applied annually. So if you get in before the school holidays, your carpets, rugs, sofas and lounges can be well protected before the kids are let loose!

The three biggest culprits to be wary of:

  1. Soft drink: If one of your kids spills the soft drink, particularly something brightly coloured, on your carpet or couch, you need to act quickly. Grab some paper towel and soak up as much of the liquid as you can. Do not rub or agitate the fibres – you could cause more damage that way. Be very careful with any attempt to remove the stain as each carpet and fabric is different, and you could end up making the stain more noticeable, or perhaps impossible to remove at all.
  2. Milk: Any milk product – from a milkshake to coffee or hot chocolate can cause a great deal of pain in carpets and fabrics. Again you need to remove as much of the liquid as possible by soaking up with paper towels. Due to the characteristics of dairy products, discolouration will occur, so chances are you will need a professional stain remover or dry cleaning solution to get out the stain.
  3. Grease: Whether from those salt & vinegar chips, hot buttered toast, or pizza, oil will become best friends with other particles. Over time you will notice this as the build-up occurs and you see dark patches of unknown origin appear out of nowhere. For fats, grease and oil stains a professional enzyme detergent may be your only chance of recovery.

Don’t let annoying food and beverage stains ruin the school holidays, have your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned and treated with a stain guard solution and these nightmares can be a thing of the past.

Your Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning specialist can remove the majority of old stains; however, some stains may be permanent. Your technician will let you know at the time of your service what they think can and can’t be removed. Elite can clean your carpets, floor rugs, runners and upholstery all in one afternoon. They can also apply carpet and fabric protection to form an invisible barrier – protecting against those inevitable school holiday attacks. Get in before the school holidays start. Contact Elite on 131 580 to book you carpet dry cleaning today.

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