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Supa Spotta : the only cleaning solution you need

Elite Carpet Cleaners are experienced, capable cleaning professionals, but if you ask them, many will readily admit that they have a secret weapon in their war on dirt, and that’s Elite’s very own multipurpose cleaning product – Super Spotta.

Not available in the shops and only available from Elite franchises, Supa Spotta is a general purpose spot and surface cleaner and stain remover that can be used to clean any accidents, spills, walked in dirt and the like, in between professional cleans.

It is a special formulation that can be used on a very wide variety of different surfaces including carpets, drapes, upholstery, clothing, woodwork, tiles, sinks, painted walls, appliances, auto interiors, vinyl and many more. It’s also very simple to use: once you’ve given the bottle a good shake, a short spray directly on the affected area should be followed (sixty seconds later) by blotting, wiping or rubbing with a warm, damp white cloth. That is generally all it will take to get rid of dirt and stains. And if it doesn’t come off first time, it will generally come off after one or two more applications.

As with all cleaning fluids, it’s a good idea to test any fabric for colour fastness by using a little on an inconspicuous area and allowing it to remain on the fabric for ten minutes. Check to see if the colour comes off by blotting with a white cloth. If it hasn’t, it is safe to use on that fabric.

Elite franchisee for Logan and Brisbane Southside Steve Armour has used Supa Spotta for a long time and seen some impressive results…

“One of the reasons Supa Spotta is so good as a general purpose cleaner is that it is pH neutral, so it generally will not take the colour out of fabric. My wife managed to get green ink all over a new blouse and didn’t have a chance to do anything about it until she got home six hours later. She sprayed Supa Spotta on the ink stains and put the blouse straight in the wash, and it came out with no trace of the ink at all.” says Steve. “It’s also a real money saver, since it’s able to clean so many different surfaces and fabrics. You only need the one bottle of cleaning fluid, not a whole cupboard full.”

One of Steve’s clients even uses it to clean her collection of artificial flowers.

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