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How often do you need to vacuum your house?

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Vacuuming may seem like an unnecessary chore, but it is a necessary evil – one which we all must have a go at from time to time. But how often do you need to vacuum your house?

In theory, you should vacuum weekly. Vacuuming at least weekly using a good quality vacuum cleaner across all surfaces – carpet, floor rugs and runners, timber flooring, tiles, lino, even polished concrete – will keep you covered. However, if you share your home with pets, young children or a large number of people, such as a share house arrangement, you will need to vacuum more often.

High traffic areas need more frequent vacuuming, as foot traffic will inevitably bring in more dirt and debris. These areas may require a vacuum almost every day.

For pet owners, dog hairs, bird feathers or seed, can be annoying and may be trampled from room to room if left unattended. To stop the mess from spreading from one area of the home to another, vacuuming almost daily may be required.

Is there a “right way” to vacuum?

Before you commence your weekly vacuum routine, you should dust the hard surfaces of the room first. Pick up items off the floor, put any dirty washing in the laundry and have a quick tidy.

The Crevice Tool

First, if you have a crevice tool, add the attachment to the cleaner and vacuum the edges around the perimeter of the room. Over time, dust will accumulate in these areas and can be very difficult to remove with a standard vacuum cleaner. So make a point of doing this at least monthly if you don’t have time each week.

Horizontal and Vertical

The next step is to make sure you vacuum both horizontally and vertically in each room. You need to go over the carpets’ surface area at least twice to be sure you are getting in, around and under the carpet fibres.
When vacuuming soft flooring areas, make sure you sweep slowly to ensure the machine can remove as much dust and dirt as possible. Allow the brush to agitate the fibres in both directions, and slowly move the wand to clean your carpets, rugs and floor runners thoroughly.

Adjust the Cleaning Head

As you move from soft flooring such as carpet to hard flooring surface such as tiles, make sure you adjust the cleaning head. Some vacuum cleaners have automatically adjusting brush bars that change height as the floor surface changes. Other machines require you to change the head entirely or adjust the brush manually. Make sure you are familiar with how your vacuum operates so you can get the best possible results.

Maintain Efficiency

After you have cleaned a room, check the vacuum cleaner to see how full it is. If your vacuum is even half-full of dust, then you should empty it before you move to the next room. You should never vacuum with a full vacuum cleaner.
If you vacuum uses vacuum cleaner bags, do not reuse them. A 50% loss of efficiency will result if you re-use your cleaner bags. For bagless cleaners, make sure you give them a good shake to remove as much dust as possible.

Robotic Options

If you are lucky enough to have a robotic vacuum, don’t forget that these are not just “set and forget” options. You will need to empty the bin and remove any caught debris from the brush bars at least weekly to get the best results from their use.
Using a robotic cleaner is excellent for pet owners as you can set the device to clean a specific area at a set time each day; keeping the mess from being spread to other areas of the home. A thorough weekly vacuum is still recommended to make sure the skirting boards and hard to reach areas are taken care of and to get the most out of both the robot and your floor coverings.

Don’t wait for the dirt to pile up!

For a professional annual clean, our Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning specialist will use an industrial upright vacuum. This style of cleaner will remove a lot more dust and grit than your standard household cleaner.

So the bottom line is, don’t wait until the dust and dirt have piled up around the edges of the room and the carpet looks filthy. Get in once a week and give your floor a good, thorough vacuum.

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