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What are The Difference Between Basic and Advanced Stains

Spot removal on carpet

The Difference Between Basic and Advanced Stains

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Removal of spots and stains is a crucial part of carpet cleaning. Although customers may not notice the slow accumulation of soiling in their homes, they will certainly notice new stains if they have occurred suddenly. Stain removal must be conducted by a professional carpet cleaner in order to achieve optimum results.

Identifying Stain Causes

Before you can start removing a stain, you must first identify what has caused it. Different stains can be categorized into different groups, and the easiest way to identify a stain is by asking your family members or staff if they know what caused it. There are also a number of other clues if you’re unsure of what has caused the stain.


Substances like urine or wine have a distinctive odour which is hard to miss


Hard stains can be caused by paint, whilst sticky ones may be chewing gum or other sugary substances


A splatter is usually a beverage, whilst a lump may be something like chocolate

Types of Stains

Once you have identified the cause of a stain, it can be categorised into its respective group. Some stains are best to be treated after they have been cleaned and others may only need treating if they stick around after cleaning.

Solvent Soluble Stains

– Oils

– Fatty Soils

In order to deal with these stains, you should apply a dry solvent with a cloth, scrub the area and absorb the remainder with a dry cloth. As an alternative, you may also wish to use a water-based solvent and go over it with a wet vacuum.

Detergent Soluble

– Sugary stains

– Food stains

These kind of stains can be removed using a normal cleaning procedure. You may need to repeatedly apply detergent to fully remove all soiling.

Enzyme Digestible

– Protein stains (egg, blood etc)
– Food stains
– Other forms of biological contamination (faeces, urine, blood)

To remove these stains, apply Elite’s Supa Sanitiser and allow 20 minutes for it to take action. Following this, ensure that you rinse the affected area thoroughly.


– Carbon soiling (graphite, pollution)

In order to remove these stains, you may need to use a strong detergent. If the stain still remains, contact the professional carpet cleaners at Elite.


– Pigment dyes
– Food acid stains
– Ink stains

These are best treated by an expert carpet cleaning company. Alternatively, you could attempt the heat transfer process.

Other Stains

– Gum

Gum stains should be removed by freezing with ice then breaking it up and vacuuming the pieces.

– Rust

This is best left to your local carpet cleaner who will apply a rust remover such as hydrofluoric acid or oxalic acid in order to change the rust into a less unappealing colour. After this, they will rinse the affected surface thoroughly and neutralize the affected area with an alkaline chemical. Finally, your professional carpet cleaner will rinse the area well and finish with acetic acid.

What is the Heat Transfer Process?

Heat transfer is a cleaning process which is used for stains with a strong colour such as red wine or cordial that will not respond to alternative treatments. A strongly coloured stain can quickly and easily dye the carpet to a new colour by soaking into the pile. This is because the dyes used in many foods and drinks are similar to the dyes which are used in carpets.

Heat transfer is a useful option for restoring carpets which are heavily stained and refusing to respond to other treatment methods. It is a far better alternative to other options such as simply accepting the stain, purchasing a new carpet or cutting it up and patching the affected area.

Before conducting this kind of work, ensure that you test the treatment in an inconspicuous area first.

There is a range of equipment which is required in heat transfer stain removal.

– Steam iron
– Bucket

– White cotton towels
– Aluminium foil

The process for a heat transfer is as follows:

1. Ensure that the treatment area is free of obstacles.

2. Wash the area with water to remove chemicals from previous carpet cleaning treatments.

3. Apply a Elite’s proprietary Supa Spotta to the stained area, but ensure that it doesn’t spread outside.

4. Lay a dry towel over the stain.

5. Turn the iron on a low setting then place it over the stained area for approximately 20 seconds, before removing it.

6. After this, you should reapply Supa Spotta and repeat the above steps, but leave the iron on for 10 additional seconds on each repetition, but no longer than 40 seconds.

7. Attempt this procedure 4 times. If the stain is still not transferring onto the towel, stop the procedure and consider alternatives.

You can stop the procedure once you see signs of success, such as lightened colour of the stain or colour loss from the carpet (you may notice a grey ring appearing on the towel).

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