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What Difference Elite Makes in Carpet Cleaning

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It looks like customers have many choices in terms of choosing a carpet cleaning company, but actually, there are not so many, especially when your carpet is made of wool.

How many methods are there to clean the carpet? There could be five or six, for most of the homes and offices, two options are available. The first choice is Very Low Moisture cleaning, also called dry cleaning, all Elite carpet cleaning branches provide it;  the other is hot water extraction, also called steam cleaning, some Elite carpet cleaning branches also provide that.

What’s the difference of the two? One is that very low moisture cleaning method uses moisture, while hot water extraction uses hot water. Two is that dry cleaning method leaves carpet dry in 1 hour or shorter, and hot water extraction leaves it for 4 hours. Three is that dry cleaning method is a better way for wool carpet life span, and while steam cleaning is a quicker way to clean heavily soiled or oily carpet, such as in commercial kitchen.

How the two methods work?

Both methods start with vacuum your carpet to take out 80% of (the dry) soil. All Elite carpet cleaning branches will do this, not all other carpet cleaners will do, some define the vacuum step as customer’s responsibility. At Elite, we use the best industrial Sebo Vacuum cleaner with twin motors, a brush and a bag that meets HEPA standard, so dust bigger than pm2.5 will be sucked into the bag and stay there. That’s the reason we don’t expect customers to vacuum, because most of the time, customers’ vacuum cleaners won’t be as good as ours. Also worth of mentioning, our Elite’s vacuum cleaning machine is super quiet, so it is very important for hotels, when we work in one room, the guest in next won’t be bothered. Not only the equipment is better, we also have a procedure on how to do the vacuum, to ensure any inch of the carpet is fully vacuumed and all dry soil is gone, as a result, it will take half of the whole work time. So if you hire a carpet cleaner from other companies, check if they will do vacuum and ask what vacuum cleaner he will use and how he will do the vacuum work.

The 2nd step is to pre-spray a cleaning solution that will dissolve the sticky soil from the fibre. The step differentiates Elite from its competitors the most. Our exclusive carpet and upholstery cleaning chemicals are the best in the industry and exclusive to our franchisees. Any competitors who buys from the open market just can’t match up the quality. For the Elite dry cleaning method, we spray the chemical like fogging, which is not water, so your carpet will be damp but not soaked at this step. Other carpet cleaners, most of them will use a water sprayer to spray water mixed with their chemicals to soak the carpet.

The 3rd step is optional called agitation. Depends on the level of soil of the carpet, if it is heavily soiled, carpet cleaners are supposed to agitate to make the prespray chemicals to work deeper in the pile.

The 4th step is quite different for dry cleaning and steam cleaning. For Elite dry carpet cleaning, our technicians will use our exclusive pad (bonnet) to soak into a rinsing solution, take it out, squeeze the water out, put the carpet then use our buffering machine to buff. In the buffing process, the dissolved soil will be transferred to the pad which comes in a structure will obtain foreign soil and keep it until being washed off after work. Most people don’t quite understand this step, that’s exactly how Elite’s system makes a difference, it works better than what people can imagine. Also worth of mentioning, the buffering machine we use is even quitter than our vacuum, if you are in next room, you won’t hear a thing.

For steam cleaning, i.e. hot water extraction, this step is to use the wand to spray more water into the carpet and extract the water immediately. By theory, this should works smoothly if the previous spray has done its work to dissolve the soil, for Elite operators, it always works out thanks to our super quality pre-spray solutions. The risks in this step are two. One is that, if the operator is not well trained professionally, overwetting happens. It will leave the carpet wet for more than four hours, even for days, and the to make it worse, mould could grow in that period of time. So you must make the steam cleaning operator is professional that knows what he is doing. The other risk is called Wicking, which means the soil in deep bottom of the carpet comes to the surface in the process of drying after the steam cleaning process is done. If this happens, you have to call the operator back to redo it for you.

Lastly in step 3 and step 4, we need to understand cleaning solutions PH value. With Elite’s cleaning solutions, the pre-spary is a low 8.5PH alkaline that works to dissolve the soil as foresaid. Then in step 4, the cleaning solution we used to wet the pad in dry cleaning and the one we use to rinse in steam cleaning is acidic at about 5.5PH, then as chemistry’s law, after step 4, the two solutions will neutralize each other and your carpet fibre is left in PH 7 the neutral PH as it is supposed to be for a long life span. It is to say, not only we Elite technicians clean your carpet, but also protect it from lifespan shortening.

Before we talk about step 5, we have to point out one other important factor, with Elite’s cleaning solutions, your carpet will end up with lemon ascent, not a typical detergent smell other practioners will leave your carpet to. This lemon scent has wowed thousands of customers on daily basis.

The 5th step, is to groom your carpet. Elite technicians will use a groom rake to bring the piles up straight and make them in a pattern. This process not only make the drying process fast, but also make the carpet look new.

To conclude, Elite’s carpet cleaning system, especially its water based cleaning solutions which is made in Brisbane in house and exclusive to its franchisees make the number one difference in the market. Then it comes to our structured training system in 7 modules to train our technicians to be professional. For customers, choosing Elite means to chose quality of work guaranteed. Should you need to take action, just visit our website and click Book Now or call 131 580

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