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What Is Franchising Really Like?

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What Is Franchising Really Like?


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Franchising is extremely popular in Australia and indeed around the world for a good reason. Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning offers franchises all around the country at a reasonable price. When you join our team as a franchisee, you will own your own business and be self-employed which comes with a broad range of benefits. You’ll be responsible for the decisions in running your operations and have to take responsibilities for your own actions and business affairs. As a professional business person, you’ll need insurance and qualified tax advice. However, you’re not alone. Elite head office and our other supportive franchisees will be there to support you along the way and help you overcome the challenges of being in business. You can then look forward to achieving personal growth and financial freedom!


Franchisee Transformation Stages

Do you remember the time you bought your very first computer. After getting it back to your place, there’s the initial struggle of simply turning it on and doing even the most simple things. Then as you use it more often and do more things you start to build up more confidence. Your attitude towards the computer changes from viewing it as a scary monster to a good friend. After a while, you may even throw out the instruction manual as you think you’ve achieved mastery and do not need the help anymore. Then the worst possible thing happens – disaster strikes! Your beloved computer that gives you so much joy gets a serious virus or its hard disk becomes corrupted. It’s at that time that it really sinks in that you need help and should have followed instructions in the manual.


Being a franchisee is really not that much different than owning a computer. At the beginning, franchisees are extremely dependent on the franchisor and rely on them for constant support and advice. Once they master the business system, franchisee seek complete independence and feel they can do it without the franchisor. Then as the franchisee reaches full maturity they realise that interdependence with the franchisor is the best option. Scholar, Gregory Nathan, has a degree in behavioural science and qualifications in psychology as well as he has specialized in researching franchising. Gregory calls the aforementioned transformation process the franchisee goes through as `The E Factor’ and defines the following six stages:

The Glee Stage

I am very happy with the relationship, you obviously care about my success and you have delivered all you said. I am excited about my new business and full of hope for the future.”

At this first stage, the new franchisor experienced excitement, nervousness and lots of anticipation. The franchisor is completely dependent on the franchisor for almost everything.


The Fee Stage

“Although I am making money, these fees are really taking the cream off the top”

Gregory found that franchisees usually enter this stage about a year into their business journey. As the glee starts to decrease and the hard work required to keep the business afloat kicks in, franchisees may start to resent the franchisee fees that are payable to the franchisor.


The Me Stage

“ Yes, I am successful. But my success is a result of my hard work. I could probably be just as successful without you. “

At this stage, the franchisee becomes more confident in their own abilities and believes that their success has come completely their own hard work, skills and personality. Franchisees think they do not need any help at all and don’t want to depend on anyone as they are confident they could run the business independently without the help of head office.


The Free Stage

“I really do not like all of these restrictions you are putting on the way I run my business. I feel frustrated and annoyed at your constant interference. I want to be able to do my own thing and express my own ideas.”

As a franchisee continues to grow their operational, marketing and financial business skills, they feel a strong need for independence from the franchisor. They may regularly challenge the franchisor over minor issues.


The See Stage

“I guess I can see the importance of following the system. And I do acknowledge the value of your support services. I can see that if we all did our own thing, standards would drop and we would lose the very things which give us our competitive edge.”

At this stage, the perception of franchisees will shift eventually and they start to see the value of being in a larger united organisation. They start to appreciate the support provided and the systems they’ve been using.


The We Stage


“We need to work together to make the most of our business relationships. I need some specific assistance in certain areas to develop my business but I also have some ideas which I want you to consider.”

The final stage of the E Factor model of franchising is an important one. Here, the franchisee is able to reflect on the help that the franchisor has provided and the opportunities they have provided. They have a greater desire to work with the franchisor and create a relationship of interdependence to grow their own franchise as well as the organisation as a whole.


Buy An Elite Franchise Today

Elite offers a unique franchise system that enjoys a number of key competitive advantages to those who join. From large territories, a wide variety of potential service offerings and an affordable entry price – there are any good reasons to make Elite your first choice when it comes to investing in a franchise. By nurturing positive relationships with customers and providing high quality services, you will have the greatest chance at growing your business and succeeding and achieving time and financial freedom. To discuss our current franchising opportunities, please get in touch with Elite today on 131 580.

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