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Why are coffee stains so hard to eliminate?

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You’re relaxing with a hot cup of coffee when all of a sudden, you spill it. We’ve all been there at one point or another. Coffee spills are very common, and unfortunately, are one of the most difficult to remove from carpet. Here’s a look at what makes coffee spills so challenging, and why you should contact a professional carpet cleaning company to remove them.

Why are coffee stains so hard to eliminate from carpet?

High in Tannins

Coffee, tea, and other dark beverages such as red wine are all high in tannins, which provide several health benefits. However, their natural colour is not so great for your carpet. Tannins leave behind a dark stain that is notoriously difficult to eliminate. Professional teeth whitening is often needed to get rid of coffee stains on your teeth. So, it is no surprise that professional carpet cleaning is typically required to eliminate coffee stains that have settled into your rug, couch or carpet. 

Sugar, Milk, and Other Additives

Coffee alone is hard enough to get out of your carpets. It becomes even more complicated when your beverage has milk, a creamer, sugar, or other additives. Decaffeinated or flavoured coffees might also have added colourings to give them a richer, more appealing appearance. The extras in coffee can sometimes harden, making them a challenge to eliminate.

The Power of Hot Beverages

Coffee is usually served quite hot. Unfortunately, this spells trouble for your carpet because the hot liquid can penetrate more deeply into your carpet fibres. Even after sopping up surface spills, you will likely have a stain that will then have to be removed as well.

So what should you do if you spill your coffee?

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Brisbane Central Franchisee, Lindsay Skinner, says, “You need to act quickly with stains like Coffee. The longer stains are allowed to set, the harder they are to remove.”

Should you experience a coffee spill, don’t ignore it. Coffee stains are notoriously more difficult to remove once they have “set”. Take immediate action by blotting the spill with a clean white rag or towel. Use a gentle blotting motion to keep the spill from spreading, and change cloths regularly. Don’t wait for the cloth to become saturated, and – whatever you do – DO NOT rub the area. This can make matters worse.

Continue blotting until you have removed all or most of the liquid.  Then give us a call so that we can address the issue. If possible, keep the area moist until we arrive. Your Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning specialist will be able to help you over the phone with this one.

Don’t let spilt coffee ruin your day! We are very familiar with the challenges posed by coffee stains and are more than prepared to deal with them.  If you have coffee or any other stains on your carpet, couch or rug – please contact us for help in eliminating them.

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