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Winter won’t stop you getting your carpet and upholstery DRY Cleaned by Elite

Elite carpet dry cleaning | Elite Dry Carpet Cleaning Australia and Maintenance Services

Getting your carpet and upholstery DRY cleaned in the winter is no different than getting it cleaned in any other season. Elite carpet dry cleaning is your local professional cleaner, specialising in carpet, upholstery and leather cleaning. “Try the difference and Feel the difference”, with years of experience and expertise in carpet and upholstery cleaning. We are committed to providing quality service for our customers at affordable price and you will have delighted experience with every service we provide; don’t hesitate to call 131580 right away to book an appointment. Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Brisbane Southside has been Australia’s expert carpet and upholstery cleaners since 1984.

Benefits of having a professional Carpet and Upholstery Dry Cleaning in winter

Carpet and upholstery dry cleaning is an excellent choice if you want phenomenal fast drying of your carpet in just few hours, especially in winter. Our carpet DRY cleaning is when the cleaning process uses “low moisture” and it is often best idea in winter season. Elite dry carpet cleaning result is a deeper clean, safe and effective way to get your carpet and upholstery clean without the hassles of using traditional steam methods.

Getting your carpet and upholstery DRY Cleaned by Elite professionals, helps to restores the carpet fibre, removes abrasive debris that is hiding in the mass and treats the bacteria and allergens that hide below the carpet. Elite carpet dry-cleaning is the best local cleaning service. Supported by a team of dedicated technicians, gives you the truly satisfying clean, refreshed, and healthy home.

Dry Carpet Cleaning best and safe for sensitive natural-fibre carpets including wool, sisal, and oriental carpets. It removes not only tough stain, dirt mites, but also helps with pet dander and other indoor allergens and bacteria.  This is essential for preventing mold and mildew, a common problem we face in the tropics.

Elite unique carpet and upholstery DRY Cleaning System

Elite dry cleaning process, our professionally trained technicians offers deep cleansing power; first they vacuum your carpet or rugs to remove dirt then, prior to the actual machine cleaning to pre-treat carpet fibres, they will apply dry cleaning solution into the carpet and then are removed during cleaning, cleaning solution break down all the dirt and oily residue and other debris that loosen when the cleansers are embedded between the carpet fibres, The cleansers can also add protection to carpet fibres to prevent future stains, similar as you may apply a stain shield spray to furnishings. Carpet dry cleaning is great for areas which need a clean carpet and rugs that will quickly dry and the system is more conventionally uses for residential and commercial businesses

Is Your Carpet Making You Sick? The Health Risks of Dirty Carpet

Winter days, Fine carpet always enhance your home or office space beauty or interior look, but at the same time allergy proof that exists in and around your home and office will inevitably find their way into your carpet.  The hidden germs and bacteria that are lurking in your carpet and upholstery, which comes from inside and outside your home, such as animal dander, mold, dust mites and lots of other irritants as well. Pollen and other pollutants can also come in on the bottom of your shoes, or through window. The invisible dirt that can turn your family into sick house, this allergy-induced asthma, trouble breathing, feeling of pressure in the chest, itchy, watery eyes,  sneezing, itchy, running nose and many more symptoms – Even if you follow regular vacuuming your carpet and Upholstery to eliminate dust and dirt mites, however, not enough in winter to avoid germs and pollutant.  Elite carpet cleaning experts recommend deep clean up with the help of a professional carpet cleaner needs to be done at least once every couple of months. If you have little children, pets, or if you are a smoker or live with one, you want to see that you clean the carpet often.

Healthy Home, Safer Indoor In Winter

If you’re like most people during the winter you will spend most of your time indoors to keep warm. Getting your carpet and upholstery dry cleaned by Elite in winter can help you to stay heathy. Our professional dry carpet cleaning processes get rid of all germs and pollutants from your sweet home or office and your carpet ready to use in few hours in this dry winter air. Coronavirus cases might have come down but still not get over this situation, protecting your family from inside and outside germs, pollutant and from dangerous coronavirus is more important in winter. A deep cleaning is always busy and helps you to control any germs present in your home and office using our proprietary Super Sanitiser to your carpets and upholstery. Elite Super Sanitiser is completely safe to apply around children and pets. We do not use strong bleaches or chemical solvents so it is appropriate for most fibres too. By removing these virus-carrying nasties, you can rest assured of a germ-free, hygienic in winter for a healthy home and safer indoor.

Our trained and certified Elite Technicians

  • Arrive on time and wearing company cleaning uniform
  • With company marked vehicle,  easy to deal with
  • Listen to your requirements and instructions, closely with interest
  • Affordable, competitive prices!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular professional cleaning and maintenance are needed to keep carpet looking great year after year and also to improve your indoor air. During everyday use, soil clings to carpet fibres and dulls the carpet and upholstery beauty. It is a recommendation that you can clean your carpet and upholstery twice a year, but sometimes you may need to have it done more frequently. Elite, we will help you develop a maintenance program that will keep your carpets looking like new for as long as possible.

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