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The worst carpet cleaning jobs – when you really need an expert

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There are very few people out there who actually enjoy carpet cleaning, or any sort of cleaning, really. If everyone really enjoyed cleaning carpets, then we’d probably all be out of a job, or we’d have a lot more franchisees!

A quick and dirty (pardon the pun) survey of a small number of our franchisees highlights the worst jobs they’ve had to do – the ones where you really need the expert involved. Just because they are the experts, doesn’t mean the job is any more pleasant for us, in fact you’ll probably not be surprised to know these jobs are not their favourite activities either, but the satisfaction with a job well done afterwards and the appreciation of our customers more than makes up for it.

Steve Dury, Bathurst/Orange franchisee for Elite, recalls two particularly difficult jobs…

“A customer of ours had to keep their dog indoors while they were out, and came back to a number of ‘deposits’  on their bedroom carpet. We were able to get everything thoroughly cleaned up, including getting rid of the unpleasant smell. This clean was a rental and so we got to see the room again about a year later, and there was absolutely no indication, visual or otherwise, that the incident had occurred. In another case, we were called in to a particularly difficult job – a therapeutic massage room where massage oils had been spilled on the carpet and had then been trodden in. The combination of the oil and the dirt made it extremely difficult to clean but I’m pleased to say we were able to restore it to very good condition.”

Stephen Ross, Fraser Coast Elite franchisee, describes another difficult type of job…

“We do cleaning at a few aged community facilities, and unfortunately older people are of course more prone to falls, so sometimes we have to remove blood stains from the carpets. When you know how to deal with it, it is straightforward, but it does require some work to make sure the stains are removed.”

Possibly one of the most difficult, and for the owners, distressing type of carpet damage is flood damage (which we have covered in detail in this article). With water damage, it’s imperative to act quickly, and also to determine fairly early on whether the carpet can in fact be saved or not.

“If you’ve worked out your carpets can be saved, it’s vital to act quickly to get them dry.” says Steve Armour, Elite’s Logan/Brisbane Southside franchisee. “Mould is the biggest enemy here – and getting your carpets as dry as possible as quickly as possible is the only way to prevent mould.”

What is the worst cleaning job you’ve had to do? Answers on a postcard (or via social media below, if you like).

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