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Bleach and carpet don’t mix

Elite Franchisee of the Year, Stephen Dury, is no stranger to every homeowner’s carpet nightmare – bleach spots. After receiving specialist training from Elite HQ to understand and approach the issue, he’s saving homeowners hundreds – even thousands – of dollars by repairing the carpet rather than having them replace it, and in only 30 minutes.

No matter the colour of your carpet, the sight of those little white dots are heartbreaking, shifting your attention from a beautiful room to an unsightly stain. What many homeowners don’t realise is that any Elite Carpet Cleaner can try to resolve this problem for you.

We say try to resolve because it’s not a black and white situation. In most cases the stains can be fixed but depending on the cause of the stain, you might need to replace a section of the carpet or the entire room. This is because carpet has dye receptors that hold the colour in its fibres, and chemicals such as bleach can destroy these receptors, preventing any other dyes to adhere or soak in.

Talking with Stephen, he said more often than not, bleach spots are caused accidentally from a dripping cloth, but can also be from using the incorrect cleaning products on the carpet. “One of the more interesting cases was from someone applying an acne cream to their face and then touching the floor, leaving two hand prints”, he said. “Unbeknownst to the user, these creams essentially bleach the skin and managed to destroy the receptors so I was unable to fix the spot”.

Fixing the bleach spots is relatively simple and starts with cleaning the carpet. From there we mix up the dye to suit the colour and then apply it to a small area. If the colour sticks, we keep on colouring the spot, starting light and then moving to a darker shade to work up to the right colour blend.

Stephen’s tip for preventing spots is simple: be careful with bleach and clean your carpet with the correct agents. If you do manage to spill some bleach, don’t try to fix it with detergent or vinegar solutions as this can make it appear dirtier. The detergent leaves a thick film which traps dirt, making the area dirtier than it was before. If you use bathroom cleaners on your carpet, or other non-carpet specific cleaners, you risk using one with bleach and making your stain a whole new problem.

If you’ve got a bleach stain, call your local Elite Carpet Cleaner and see what they can do for you. In the mean time, look at the photos below to see the difference Stephen made to his customers’ carpet.

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