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Building a Business that Works with [Elite Backup]

The last few years have proven that there is very little that’s stable or guaranteed in the world. Businesses that seemed solid have collapsed and others have adapted to the changes in the world and thrived.

It’s never been more important for people to take control of their own career. You can’t rely on an employer or anyone else to make you and your family secure. You need to get out there and take charge of your work life and your own security. And that’s exactly why Kerrie Spindler likes being an Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchisee.

As Kerrie puts it, one of the best things about Elite is that “…you can run a business that works.” And isn’t that what everyone wants out of their career?

19 Years with Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning

Kerrie Spindler and her husband Phil Gunns have owned the Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchise in Gosford, NSW since 2002. They bought the business off the previous owner as well as the house it was in. And they even minded his dog at the same time. The dog minding actually lasted 8 years until the dog died of old age at 15!

Kerrie’s Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Services branch services Gosford & the Central Coast. The team provides a range of services from carpet cleaning and repair to pest control and pest inspections.

There are a lot of carpet cleaning services out there these days, but Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning is different. Here’s what makes it the best choice according to Kerrie:

Why Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning?

There are a lot of carpet cleaning services out there these days, but Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning is different. Here’s what makes it the best choice according to Kerrie:

Independence with Expert Backup

Running your own business isn’t always easy. Of course, it can offer you the freedom and independence that you can’t get working for someone else. But you will also have to take care of a range of other duties and responsibilities, some of which might be unexpected if you haven’t run your own business before.

Kerrie enjoys the freedom of running her own business but is grateful to Elite for providing expert help and advice when she needs it. As she points out, “I can run my own business as I want, but with back up if needed.

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning has a team of experts who are on-call any time a franchisee needs help or advice. And when you’re starting out, or just encountered an unexpected problem, it can mean the difference between success and failure.

A Business that Works

Starting a new business can be risky. Statistics say that 20 percent of new businesses fail in the first year and 30 percent in the second year. These are incredibly intimidating statistics for any new business owner. But owning a franchise with Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning is different.

Elite has been an established brand for over 30 years and has high name recognition. When people and companies need a carpet cleaner, Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning is top of mind.

As an Elite franchisee, you get to take advantage of this brand recognition to bring in new and existing customers. You’ll also have access to 30 years of tested, effective business strategies. There’s no building from the ground up with Elite, you get your own territory and can use the existing infrastructure to create a business that works and works for you.

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning offers a tried and tested path to business success. And according to Kerrie, this is what she tells anyone who’s thinking of becoming an Elite franchisee.

Custom-Made Chemicals

Elite’s cleaning products are custom-made, and for Kerrie, this is something else that sets Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning apart from other companies. The products provide superior cleaning and stain removal, dry fast, and smell great as well.

Elite also designed their products to be safe for the environment and to minimise reactions in animals and humans. This allows Elite’s franchisees to provide safe and effective carpet cleaning without worrying about nasty side effects.

You Meet Real Characters

Lots of Elite franchisees talk about how amazing it is to chat with their customers, get to know their lives, and make new connections. And certainly, in these days of high-speed internet and social media, the human connection can make all the difference in business and in life.

When you work with Elite, you get that person-to-person contact. And that means that you get to see some of Australia’s real characters, like a woman who recently called Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning in Gosford to have her carpet washed. Two weeks after the wash, she rang again to say that they did a great job, but she wanted to know when they would come back to clean them again. After all, she couldn’t be expected to vacuum them after Elite had done such an excellent job.

The customer wanted the Gosford team to come back every two weeks to vacuum, and Kerrie’ team had to explain that, “…maybe she would need a housekeeper for that job, we are a carpet cleaner. We usually come once or twice a year, not every two weeks.” This customer was very concerned about having to vacuum again when Elite could do it and do a much better job!

And isn’t that something everyone wants? Someone to come around regularly and make the carpets look, feel, and smell good as new?

The Takeaway

Superior products, amazing people, and a career that puts you in the driver seat. Are you ready to join Kerrie and other franchisees and take control of your career and your own business with expert backup when you need it? 

Let Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning show you what it’s like to build a business that works. Talk to one of our staff today about our franchising opportunities

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