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Gearing up for a mouldy season in Australia’s sub-tropics

While Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning’s professionals will be first in line for sautéed mushroom with garlic, when it comes to dealing with fungi, we’re right with you in saying ‘EWW’ to mould and mildew.

Our business name suggests that we focus on carpet cleaning, but Elite’s teams are experts at upholstery cleaning too – and we’ll come to your mildew and mould rescue.

Mould and mildew are part of the fungi kingdom. Just like mushrooms, they’re living organisms.

What’s more, mildew and humidity are made for each other, particularly in areas where summer environments are like constant saunas. But that doesn’t mean they belong on your favourite couch or sun lounge!

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning’s Cairns’ franchisee Steven Deihm says he’s seen some really ugly surprises coming out of storage.

“Mildew loves closed, dark places. It loves organic food – even dust! – and it stays active in environments with at least 60% humidity,” Steve says.

Generally the more porous the surface, the harder it is to get rid of mould or mildew permanently. Non-porous surfaces like hard plastics may just need a wipe while furnishing fabrics benefit from professional attention.

DIY Advice?

While there’s plenty of D-I-Y advice on removing mildew and mould from upholstery, amateur attempts with rubbing alcohol or bleach risk more damage – and potentially ruined furniture.

And if you’re trying to vacuum it up and don’t have a good HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter built in, you could be making the problem worse by spreading the spores around – that’s a real health issue if members of your family are susceptible to allergies.

“If the furnishing is worth saving, it’s worth treating professionally,” says Steven.

For a review and treatment of your mouldy upholstery rescue item, call your nearest Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning professional on 131580.

And Steven suggests you minimise further attacks in the long hot humid days ahead by:

• Opening your windows to keep air circulating (that reduces relative humidity)
• Letting natural light in. Sunlight does a killer job on mould.

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