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Has your Dog Urinated on your Carpet?

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Dogs can be our best mates however when they come inside, accidents are bound to happen. When they pee inside on your carpets it can result in strong odors and difficult to remove stains. Despite all the training in the world, occasionally every dog will accidentally urinate inside your home. Some people don’t worry too much about it and just put up with the smell and cover up the stain on their carpets and rugs, however the best course of action is always to try and prevent these type of accidents in the first place, or if that doesn’t work, then have your carpets cleaned with a professional dog urine carpet treatment. Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning offers some tips below to help you reduce the chance of dog pee stains and smells in your home. Follow these simple guidelines to manage it when your best mate has an accident.

Act Straight Away:

It’s always best if you can get to your pooch whilst they are in the act so you can nip it in the bud. In fact the sooner you stop them urinating on your carpet the better and if you’re lucky enough to catch your dog as they’re peeing, you have the opportunity to start re-training them on the spot. Make sure you don’t chastise your dog when they urinate on your carpet and don’t punish them. Quickly take them outside and encourage them to go on the grass. Then, it’s time to go back inside and pickup the phone to call Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning for a professional carpet dry cleaning service to remove the dog pee stains and apply a carpet deodorizer.  

Manage the Damage:

As soon as you notice your puppy peeing on your carpet, make sure you grab a big roll of paper towel and start soaking up as much of the dog urine as you can. Whatever you do, do not try using a hairdryer as its heat will cause the stain and odor to set far deeper into the pile of your carpet. That’s when you need to call the professionals at Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning for a dog urine carpet treatment to thoroughly remove any remaining traces of smells and stains from your carpet pile.

Clean Deep Down:

Many people think that just cleaning their dog’s pee from the surface of their carpet is good enough. However, dog urine usually seeps down deep into your carpet, potentially damaging the underlay as well. This can lead to all sorts of bacteria growing in the pile of your carpets producing bad smells and potentially damaging your health too. Additionally, allergens may grow and feed off the soaked in dog urine which can be terrible for those with skin conditions and respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

Contact Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning for your Dog Urine Carpet Treatment

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning has a unique process that ensures the bad smells and bacteria are completely removed from your home. Applying our very own exclusive Super Santiser, we use our advanced dry cleaning techniques to treat even the most stubborn pet urine stains. Our highly trained technicians possess modern equipment and are skilled in cleaning up after the best mates of families Australia-wide. Our prices are extremely reasonable and we pride ourselves on our outstanding level of customer service. Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning has over 35 years’ experience and staff right around the country ready to help clean your carpets at a convenient time that suits your busy schedule. Also, we don’t just offer pet urine treatments but can also help you with many other carpet, rug and upholstery dry cleaning services.

So next time your dog has an accident inside, simply contact Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning for your professional pet urine removal service. Contact us on 131 580 to arrange a time for your carpet dry cleaning today.

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