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How dry cleaning your carpet benefits your children

How dry cleaning your carpet benefits your children | Elite Dry Carpet Cleaning Australia and Maintenance Services

Small children love playing on carpets. They love crawling around on it, and they love just lying on it on a lazy summer day. Something that they have a lot of contact with will have an effect on them, and it is mostly positive. Carpets are easier on their little hands, knees and feet. Carpet also provides warmth and comfort. It is arguably the best surface on which children enjoy playtime and it provides a non-slip cushioning floor surface that protects children from injury.

So how can you ensure that your carpet is healthy for your child?  Having it professionally dry cleaned regularly has 4 benefits for children.

Purifies the air they breathe

Every time you walk on the carpet, you disturb the fibres, and any particulate matter the carpet has collected can be released into the air. Particulates could be anything from dust and pet dander to mould spores. Scheduling a company to come in and dry clean your carpet on a regular basis will remove these particles from the rugs, carpets and furniture so that it doesn’t get in the air.

Keeps grime off their hands

Young children are notorious for putting everything into their mouths! Toys, hands, just about anything, can become a chewy object – especially around teething time. As they begin crawling around there is no limit to the places they go and the trouble they can get themselves into. Children are such curious little people.

Keeping your carpets and flooring surfaces clean is very important when you have a crawler! If you have dirty carpets or floors, they will be covered in dust on the top surfaces where children inevitably put their hands. For carpets, dry cleaning protects children from the ill effects of dirt-spreading. The last thing you need is children transferring dirt and grime around the house!

Removes allergens

Flooring surfaces collect allergens. It is just life!  Pollen, dust, and pet dander land on the floor from open windows, people and pets, exposing young children to allergens and irritants. Because of this, regular professional carpet cleaning at least once every 18 months is recommended by the Carpet Institute. Dry cleaning is an excellent way to suck out all those allergens from your home.

Invites more playtime

mother and child on clean carpet

Tummy time is a big part of a baby’s development. It gives them a chance to exercise their neck and arms. As the child ages, playtime continues to be essential to his or her growth and health. Children can’t play nearly as well on a hard floor! Having a beautiful soft carpet or floor rugs make sense when you have young children.

Regardless of the age of your children, sometimes the weather traps them inside the house because it is raining or extremely hot. A clean, fresh carpet encourages young children to crawl around on it, spread their toys over it, and to explore it. The same is true for older children. They will be more likely to sit on the floor and play a board game, read a book, or play the Xbox! Dry cleaning is better than steam cleaning in this regard because your carpet will be dry and ready for playtime in an hour.

Dry cleaning your carpet benefits your children

Do you think your children would benefit from your carpet or rugs being dry cleaned? With 35 years worth of experience treating Australia’s carpets, and we take pride in both our experienced specialists and prompt local service. We even offer a 100% money-back guarantee for our work. To keep your children comfortable and happy on freshly cleaned carpet, please feel free to call us.

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