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Why have your office Carpet Dry-Cleaned?

Your office is a special place. It can be where you work, undertake hobbies, or just where you keep the household paperwork filed. However you use it, it deserves to stay clean. It particularly deserves to have its office Carpet Dry-Cleaned.

For businesses, it is even more important to keep things clean and their office carpets Dry-Cleaned. There are three benefits to doing this.

Eliminated Allergic Distractions

According to the  Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, more than 11% of Australians suffer from Asthma. Allergy Capital reported that 19.6% suffer from allergies every year. The most common symptoms, especially to pollen, dust mites, and mold spores are runny noses and stuffed sinuses. Anyone who has tried to work while repeatedly stopping to blow your nose can tell you how distracting this is. 

It’s hard to work through and it annoys anyone who has to work around you or interact with you. This will lower productivity and hurt customer service. The dry cleaning method will pull out those annoying allergens so people can work in peace.

Limited Sick Days

Viruses and bacteria like to hide out in dust and on various surfaces. They will slip into corners and wait for someone’s immune system to be down, and then you have to lose a day to illness. Even if you force yourself to work when you feel ill, you won’t produce as much.

People just don’t put their all into whatever is going on when they feel unwell. This is a drain on productivity, but dry cleaning sucks up bacteria that hide in carpet so that they will stay off of furniture.

Prolonged Life Of Office Furniture And Carpet

No one likes spending on office supplies. Shopping at the local office supply store is un-glamorous, dull, and inevitably costs more than expected. Particularly, no one wants to spend money on getting office furniture reupholstered or replacing the parts of the carpet that have gotten worn down by rolling office chairs over the same spot constantly. 

The hassle of replacing the things cuts into time that could be spent working, and the expense cuts into profits. Regularly dry-cleaned upholstery and carpets last longer, and so saves money and hassle.

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning appreciates your office’s needs, and will gladly dry clean it for you. If you think it could use professional cleaning, contact us.

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