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How To Remove Coffee Spills From Carpet

white cup of coffee spills onto the carpet

Everyone loves a nice mug of coffee however no one likes it when it’s spilt on the carpet. That’s the perfect way to get the day off on the wrong foot. The good news is that removing coffee stains from carpet isn’t that difficult and if you need a little help, Elite’s professional carpet cleaners are ready to help. Our carpet cleaning experts know exactly what to do for coffee spills and in this blog, we offer you some professional tips used by our specialist technicians.

Why Are Coffee Stains So Hard To Remove?

If you didn’t know why coffee is hard to remove from your carpets, it’s because they contain tannins which are also found in the likes of red wine and tea. Unfortunately, this means they can leave a dark stain on your pristine carpets and if you don’t act quickly, these tannins are absorbed into the fibres which can result in a permanent mark.

If you spill coffee with milk in it, the cleaning process will definitely require more time. With coffee spills containing milk or creamer, it’s essential not to use hot water or use a rubbing motion as these will only make matters worse.

Removing Coffee Stains Using A Microfibre Cloth

Most importantly, you need to move fast. When it comes to coffee stains, time is of the essence. Getting on top of the spill as soon as it happens can increase the likelihood of being able to completely remove it manifold.

The first thing you’ll need to do is get some microfibre rags or paper towels then very softly blotch up the majority of surface liquid. Make sure you only dab the carpets lightly and switch to a new cloth once one gets soiled. And very importantly, whatever you do, do not rub the stains because it may cause it to spread and go down further into the carpet’s pile. Keep going blotting the carpet to remove the stain until no more coffee colour is absorbed by the mircofibre cloth.

Removing Coffee Stains Using Water

Using this method, get some warm water and sponge the coffee stain. Be careful not to use hot water as this makes the milk curdle creating a worse situation. After blotting with the damp cloth, use a dry rag to soak up as much water as you can. Continue with this process until there’s no more coffee stain transferred to the cloths but remember not to rub the stain as this will push it deeper into the fibres and make it set.

Removing Coffee Stains Using Vinegar

This method is a little stronger that the previous two. Simply make up a 1:2 mixture of vinegar and warm water. You can put this in a spray bottle then put it onto your coffee stain. Let it soak briefly then take some paper towel or a microfibre cloth and blot gently. After this, put some cold water on the stain to rinse out the vinegar and blot it again until dry. This may need to be repeated until no more coffee is being soaked up. Using this way, there may be a slight vinegar smell left behind but this should vanish within an hour.

Removing Coffee Stains With Dishwashing Liquid

For tougher coffee stains that couldn’t be removed using the above methods, try this more effective solution. Take 1 tsp of mild dishwashing liquid and add about a cup of lukewarm water. Sponge the coffee stain and use a vacuum with a wet/dry function of cloths to remove the liquid. This may need to be done a few times for the best results.

The above methods can also be used to remove old coffee stains, however these ones can be notoriously difficult to remove simply.

Coffee Stain Not Coming Out?

If you’re facing a particularly stubborn carpet stain after spilling some coffee, the best thing to do is to contact the professional carpet cleaners at Elite to treat your stains. This is especially the case if you have light-coloured carpets or one with a deep pile. By contacting our local carpet cleaning company, you can rest assured that the job will be done right – the first time, every time! With nearly 40 years’ experience in the carpet cleaning industry, you can rely on our expert technicians to achieve the best possible results at affordable prices. Our unique carpet dry cleaning method means that we don’t over-wet your carpets and they’ll be dry and ready to walk on again in under an hour. Whether you’re a residential or commercial customer, we have the skills, propriety chemicals and modern equipment to help get your carpets looking brand-new. Elite’s highly trained technicians also offer a wide range of other cleaning services such as upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning as well as water damage and mould remediation.

If you need a hand removing coffee stains from your carpets or any other cleaning service, please contact Elite on 131 580 now!

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