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Cleaning Persian Carpets and Oriental Rugs

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Whether Persian carpet or Oriental Rug, both are a significant investment. These statement pieces require particular care and understanding the best way to look after them. Ensuring you protect your investment and maintain their innate beauty.

An authentic Persian Carpet is characterized by its distinct weaving technique, the use of high-quality materials, artistic design, and a multitude of complementary colors and patterns. The history of these rugs dates back to 400BC. When the very first literary reference to them was of luxury and prestige, by Greek author and philosopher Xenophon.

Persian rugs are highly sought after today for their beauty and craftsmanship. With a genuine Persian rug of the highest quality commanding a substantial price tag. The distinction between Persian and Oriental comes down to the location of origin. In many cases, a genuine Persian Rug is considered to originate from Iran (or the areas of Ancient Persia). With Oriental rugs heralding from areas such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, or India.

Rug Placement & Position

When you bring your new rug home, the placement and positioning will dictate your cleaning regime. Placing your rug in direct sunlight will eventually fade the colors. So be cautious about arranging your carpet in a protected area. If maintaining the vibrancy of colors is important to you.

The amount of traffic across the rug will also affect the weekly routine of Persian Carpet or Oriental rug care. So think about what foot traffic will go across the carpet. If you are placing furniture on your oriental rug, moving the legs every few months will ensure permanent indentation does not occur.

Persian Carpet Care Routine

If you place your rug in an area of moderate to heavy traffic you will need to vacuum this with a gentle brush about once per week. For rugs with longer piles, you can also take them outside and beat them gently on the back to remove dirt that has been caught in the pile.

If your Persian Carpet or Oriental rug is an antique, a gentle carpet sweeper or brush should be used, paying attention to the grain of the fibers. It is crucial with antique rugs not to beat or shake them vigorously.

Spills and Colourfastness on Persian carpet or oriental rugs

Knowing the fiber content and colorfastness of the carpet is essential. Persian and Oriental Carpets can be manufactured from wool or silk, and the care details for these fibres are different. The colorfastness of the dyes and the overall age or fragility of the rug should also be considered. These styles of rugs generally are not constructed with colorfast dyes.

Removing the food or liquid would be your first consideration. However, you would be wise to consult a professional carpet cleaner for advice as an incorrect cleaning method could result in permanent damage, color spreading, or weakening of the delicate carpet fibers.

If you need to mop up a spill, do not rub or agitate the fibers. Use a clean white cloth and simply press gently, then repeat with another clean white cloth. Placing a towel or other old piece of linen under the rug can protect your carpet from a color transfer.

Professional Persian Carpet Cleaning Service

If not adequately treated liquid spills can spell disaster for Persian and Oriental Rugs. So to ensure there is no permanent damage, contact a professional carpet cleaning company with experience in dealing with these premium items. Your professional can also arrange for an annual clean of not only your Persian Rug but any carpets, mattresses, and soft furnishings in the one visit.

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