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Prevention is Better than Cure – A Poem by an Elite Franchisee

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning are proud of our franchisees who work hard every day to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our clients around the country. This tighti-knit network enables us to work Australia Wide – With Pride!

Below is a poem from one of our valued Brisbane franchisees – Peter Bonnily 

What’s that smell? (oh my God!)

There’s nothing as distinctive as an odor,

Be it a rose or perhaps the substance needed to promote its growing,

To be green and organic is good,

But when the source of the smell comes from a fabric couch or a carpet, action is needed,

The enemy is often invisible,

Here the conversation is a reminder of recent events,

It’s clear now (all too clear) – prevention is better than cure,

Textiles inside our homes and business’s are prone to absorbing odours and this fact alone raises questions,

We clean for the visual aspect of things as much as anything,

Hoping, in doing so, any unpleasant smell is also removed,

This’s not always the case!

Sanitizing is the key!

Elite Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning has the answers.

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