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How to stop your carpet smelling like a brewery

When the beer’s flowing in celebration (or commiseration) of sport results – like this year’s State of  Origin – it’s not uncommon for it to flow a bit much and end up as spillage on your carpet.

What happens next – what you do with that spillage – could also be a season win or fail.

Professional carpet cleaner Shaun Tucker has seen good and bad beer spill clean-up performances: he’s regularly called in to hotels and clubs as well as homes in Mackay where he’s the local Elite Carpet Cleaning franchisee.

“It’s easy with the right technique and right products. Trouble is sometimes what’s easiest isn’t right!” Shaun said as he prepped us for a rundown on how to stop beer stains and smells in your carpet – and what not to do.

How to deal with beer spills on carpet?

Whether in party mode or not, don’t ignore even the smallest of spills, particularly if your carpet is a natural fibre like wool.

Gently mop up the slops and dampen a little with a clean towel. This will help flush any residue to the surface. Then let it dry naturally.

Professional carpet cleaning and deodorising as provided by Elite Carpet Cleaning is recommended after big party spillages.

Elite’s spot treatment for home use

Elite Carpet Cleaning does sell a spot cleaner for home users. The difference between Suppa Spotta and supermarket products is that it actually works:

Glass broke – did you get it all?

We all know the importance of picking up broken glass and we take care with those visible bits. Are you sure you got all of the glass: even the tiniest shards?

Tiny particles of glass hidden in the carpet pile can do damage – and not just an unexpected cut or abrasion to the foot.

Left in the carpet, even tiny glass specks are like serrated knives sawing at the carpet pile, undermining its structure. This is particularly so in high-traffic areas.

If there’s glass breakage involved, you really do need professional help. Normal domestic vacuuming won’t get the tiniest shards. Part of the professional dry cleaning process Elite Carpet Cleaning uses involves a professional vacuum first, using a powerful belt-driven brush to remove all glass.

Whether your sports team wins, loses or draws, knowing how to deal with beer smells and spills on your carpet—when to stay on the sidelines and call up Elite Carpet Cleaning on 131 580—makes you a winner.

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