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Cleaning an old Leather Couch

Bad case of leather fatigue no challenge for Elite’s Steve Buttigeig.

Steve Buttigieg (his surname is of Maltese origin in case you’re wondering) has been working at Elite for a long time – 15 years in fact – so he knows a thing or two about cleaning. Since 2002 he has been the franchisee for Elite’s Brisbane Bayside office.

A few months ago he was called up by a client who had just completely repainted his house, and his old leather lounge just didn’t look as good next to the new paintwork. It hadn’t been cleaned in fifteen years and had copped more than its fair share of use, including from the pets. The owner didn’t know whether just to throw it out or try to clean it up.

cleaning leather furnitureSteve came in to have a look at it.

“I told my customer that I was pretty certain we’d be able to improve the way it looked by about 80%,” said Steve. “although in fact I thought we could probably do better than that, but didn’t want to overpromise. I offered to do a test on a small patch, which I did. A few days later he called back and booked us in to do the whole job.”

“The lounge came out looking really good, though I say so myself. And my customer was really happy – amazed in fact by what we’d been able to achieve, which is all that matters.” Steve added.

Steve’s recipe for success for leather couch cleaning?

“Cleaning that lounge was pretty straightforward really.” he explains. “First I used Elite’s own EP1 spray, which breaks up the soiling on the leather. Then, one section at a time I used a special scrubbing brush to give the surface a light scrub to allow the chemical to penetrate the leather, then rinsed it off with a cleaning cloth and some clean water and then repeated the process. You have to be a little careful with how hard you can go with this – it takes a delicate touch. Once we’d got it back to a clean condition, then we used a leather conditioner to bring the leather back to life. The whole job took around three hours.”

Quite a few cleaning companies don’t like to go near leather furniture as it can be hard to clean. But Elite Brisbane Bayside has the experience to take on leather, both in the home and car, caravan and motorhome upholstery and invariably produce a huge improvement.

“The only downside with leather is it’s hard manual work – you can’t automate it.”

But the hard labour pays off.

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