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The Best Way to Look After Carpets in Your Rented House

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Elite Blog – The Best Way to Look After Carpets in Your Rented House

The Best Way to Look After Carpets in Your Rented House

As opposed to owning your own home, renting is a different kettle of fish. In the current climate, even finding a rental property can be difficult. And it doesn’t end there. During your tenancy, you’ve got to be especially careful you look after your new home and maintain it in good condition. An important part of caring for your new property is looking after the carpets and floors. Elite is the best local carpet cleaner and we have a lot of experience, especially when it comes to looking after the floor covering in rental properties. We are the experts in keeping your landlord’s floor coverings clean and in the best condition. Below, we’ve put together some advice for those people who are renting so you can look after yourself and your landlord’s carpets.

How to Protect the Carpets in your Rental

There’s no doubt that landlords look favourably at renters who take care of their property and treat it with respect. Carpets represent a major investment and it’s important they’re looked after too. Here are some hints for ensuring the carpet in your rental stays in tip-top shape.

Make Sure You Take Photos

Upon entering your new rental property, Elite definitely recommends taking as many photos as possible of the condition of the existing carpet. In addition to your entry inspection report, these photos serve as proof of how the carpets looked when you moved in. It’s especially important to record any stains no matter how small they are because they could expand throughout the course of your tenancy. Elite also suggest taking photos of all blinds and curtains since these can deteriorate with age too. Finally, make sure you store your photos safely or make copies.

Carefully Look at the Inspection Report

After your landlord gives you a copy of the inspection report, you must make sure you complete it with as much detail as possible. You can also add extra notes on separate sheets of paper if there isn’t enough room on the form. This important task is an essential step in protecting your tenancy and the landlord’s property.

Frequently Vacuum Your Carpets

At a minimum, carpets should be vacuumed weekly. This enables you to remove the majority of built-up dirt and discover any previously unnoticed stains. When vacuuming, we suggest going in all directions and pay particular attention to around furniture and behind doors.

Keep the Shoes Outside

You’d be surprised how much dirt and dust gets trodden inside when you don’t take your shoes off at the front door. Putting a nice rack by the front door can help with keeping shoes organized. Elite also recommends wearing some slippers when walking on carpets as the feet naturally produce oils which can damage your floor coverings. Although it may be bit of an adjustment at first, but you’ll be thankful you implemented this policy when time comes to complete your exit report.

Learn How to Remove Simple Stains Yourself

Unfortunately, stained carpets are a normality in most households, with rental properties being no exception. From spilling wine or dropping some leftovers onto the floor, these type of things do happen, and sometimes regularly and when they do, you need to act quickly.

For basic stains, Elite has put together some general advice below:

•  Make sure you get onto cleaning any stains straight away.
•  Don’t rubbing the stain because this puts in deeper into the pile.
•  Use a blotching action to draw up stains and spills
•  Make sure you always have paper towel on hand

And for those stains you cannot get out by yourself, simply call the professional carpet cleaners at Elite.

Buy Some Rugs

Elite strongly recommend buying some rugs or even mats to help protect your rental’s carpets. Not only do these help keep carpets in good condition, they also reduce wear and tear. You don’t need to purchase the most expensive rugs as they can often be found cheaply online or even at secondhand stores. Besides helping maintain the condition of floor coverings, rugs can brighten up a room and make you feel more at home.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids

If you have kids, you know they’ll love making a mess – and carpets aren’t immune! A good way to keep the property’s carpets clean is to get a large rug to cover as much of their play area as possible. Not only will this provide some extra comfort for them, but it will also protect the carpet underneath from the inevitable stains.

Putting rugs where your child eats is also a very good idea as we all know that they just love to play with their food and sometimes accidents occur. Thick clear plastic sheets or tiles are also an alternative to rugs for some areas as it can be easily.

Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

Most real estate agencies will allow you to choose your own professional carpet cleaners. Make sure you read online reviews and visit their website before making a final decision. If you’ve done all the above, you’re well on your way to getting your bond back and keeping a good reputation with local real estates.

You can count on Elite’s professional technicians to clean your carpets to the highest standards and get them looking new again so your landlord is happy. Elite Carpet Cleaning are one of Australia’s  leading carpet cleaning companies with technicians located all around our great country. We offer a wide variety of services including professional carpet dry cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning as well as mattress cleaning. Our sister company, Elite Pest Control can also help you with getting rid of all those nasty critters from around your home or business.

If you’re in need of a professional carpet cleaner, please give Elite a call on 131 580 and speak to one of our friendly team members now.

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