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Franchisee spotlight: Franchisee of the year, Shaun Tucker

It’s been just over three years since Shaun Tucker took ownership of the Mackay franchise of Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning, but it’s been a wild ride in such a short time.

The Mackay franchise is kept busy year round with a mix of residential and commercial, including residential aged care facilities and quite a bit of rental vacate work. However a 2-3 month wet season each year, and the associated flooding and water damage repair has kept Shaun and his wife Nicole very much on their toes.

Cyclone Debbie Clean Up

In fact, one year ago, Shaun played an enormous part in the cleanup following the most dangerous cyclone to hit Queensland in over half a decade – Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

Working enormously long days, Shaun and his crew of four worked on 40 properties across Mackay in the span of four days. Twelve of those properties were high-rise apartments on the marina in dire need of emergency water extraction assistance, and one aged care facility needed to have 150 litres of water removed from the living room.

“The rain was coming in with such force from the wind, it was hitting windows sideways and forcing its way through gaps in sliding doors,” Shaun said. “We’ve tried to help as many people as possible, to get their carpets dry and their homes to a liveable standard.”

Much of the cleanup was done with the help of generators that powered dozens of hired carpet blowers, since much of Mackay and the Whitsundays were left without power, with 63,000 people affected.

Mere weeks after Cyclone Debbie’s arrival, while many homes continued with the ongoing cleanup, Shaun and Nicole received some big news – they were awarded Franchisee of the Year for the 2016/2017 financial year!

Off the back of a huge year full of highs and lows, Shaun and Nicole are starting 2018 off with a bang. After 30 years serving Mackay and its customers within a 200km radius, Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Mackay has relocated to a brand new premises.

We wish Shaun and Nicole all the best for the coming year and beyond in their new premises. Thanks both of you for all you’ve done for Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning, Mackay, and beyond!

For water damaged or stained carpets or upholstery, call your Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning professional on 131 580 and we will connect you with your closest specialist.

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