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New Parents’ essential guide to cleaning up ‘accidents’

If you’ve a baby or toddler at home, you’ll know that it doesn’t take long for carpet, lounge and upholstery to be on the nose after Baby’s misdirected pees, poos or possets. How can a little person who looks so sweet make such a smelly mess?!

mother and child on clean carpet

Little babies often burp up some of their milk after a feed. That’s called a posset. Others are more explosive, projectile vomiters. They don’t mean to offend: it just happens. Kris from Elite Carpet Cleaning Northern Rivers says milk is the easiest to clean up. A quick and immediate wipe away and deodorise is called for.

Then there are the nappy explosions and the accidents that are part and parcel of toilet training. That’s the parenting phase that Elite cleaning professional Kris is at now with his 2 sons, aged 2 ½ and 1.

The automatic reaction – after a momentary gag – is to scrub away the mess. That’s also the worst thing to do, Kris says.

“Whatever you do, don’t rub and scrub. That will press tiny particles further into the fibres, creating a much bigger smelly problem.”

Do sponge off the worst of the bodily fluids with a damp cloth. And do it immediately. Don’t let the pee or poo dry or soak in. Pee can quickly soak into the underlay, creating a smell that will need a professional to remove.

While Kris is cautious of DIY products – “some will set the stain, others may have a bleaching effect” – he confidently recommends Elite Carpet Cleaning’s own Supa Spotta, a general purpose spot and surface cleaner and stain remover. Available only available through Elite franchises, Kris’s clients swear by it in between professional cleans.

“It should be in every new parent’s welcome home pack,” Kris reckons.

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