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When sand between the toes becomes a lethal combination

Ah, summer: nothing beats a walk along the beach, getting sand between the toes. Walking barefoot on sand is so good for you, massaging the soles of your feet and providing a fantastic natural – and free – exfoliant; and let’s not forget the physical workout.

Walking that sand into your house or holiday apartment is another matter.

While feet respond to sand like a mini beauty treatment, carpet, rugs and tiles don’t.

Sunshine Coast cleaning professional Stefan Boni likens walking sandy feet inside as a stealth weapon that we’re oblivious to until it’s too late.

The Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchisee has seen the harmful effects that accumulated sand has done to carpets, rugs and tiled floors in beachside residences.

“The vacuum bag of Elite’s commercial grade equipment usually weighs 500g when full of fluff and dust. I’ve had bags that are as much as 3kg, full of sand, sucked from deep in the pile,” says the Sunshine Coast professional carpet and upholstery cleaning expert who also cares for tiled floors.

“Sand is worn down rock. It’s abrasive, like sandpaper. Twist your feet on the carpet and those grains of sand grind the threads of the carpet or rugs, wearing them down.

“Over time, the highly polished tiles will show evidence of scratches too.”

There are some simple solutions to minimise the problem of sand indoors:

  • Wash your feet thoroughly before walking inside
  • Vacuum carpets regularly.

Stefan offers this great life hack for rugs weighed down by sand:

  • Use a leaf blower to blast the sand out from your rug. Work from the centre of the rug out – and do it on a driveway, not inside!

Truth is, even the most powerful domestic vacuums won’t get deep down into carpets. They’ll only remove residual sand on the surface.

If your house, holiday apartments, schools or commercial spaces are coastal and get high volume sandy foot traffic – and you value getting a longer life from your carpet and rugs – get the carpet cleaning professionals, ELITE, in every 6 months: call 131580.

At Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning, we can solve the problem of sand in the carpet – but not who is bringing sand between the sheets!

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