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Why Choose Elite’s Carpet Cleaning Solutions in Hervey Bay?

By choosing Elite’s carpet dry cleaning services, you won’t have to wait for several hours or days for your carpet to dry. Within an hour after our professional carpet cleaners in Hervey Bay cleans your carpet, you can immediately lay it on the floor and walk on it again. You can also say goodbye to the musty smell that wet carpets emit!

Aside from intensively cleaning your carpets, you can count on our carpet cleaners in Hervey Bay to ensure your carpets are free from germs and other microorganisms. We accomplish this with the help of our Elite Super Sanitizer, a gentle cleaning solution that is also effective in killing the germs and bacteria that have inhabited your carpet. It is also useful in repelling insects, so you can be sure that your loved ones are safe from insect bites and disease-causing microorganisms.

Has your carpet been stained by food, drink, or other substance? Worry not! Our team members at Elite Carpet Cleaners in Hervey Bay are here to the rescue!

You can always count on our experienced staff to clean your carpets thoroughly. We will use state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality cleaning supplies to restore the beauty of your carpet. Additionally, with our skills and knowledge in carpet dry cleaning, no stain is impossible to remove.

Choose our carpet cleaning solutions in Hervey Bay and never worry about chemical residues ever again. When working on your carpet, we’ll always make sure to clean it deeply using our mild but effective cleaning supplies.

Although the chemicals we use in cleaning are strong enough to remove stains, dirt, dust, and germs, they will not damage your carpet. You can also be sure that no chemical residues will be left on your carpet, so it can look the way it did originally.

At Elite, we are committed to providing thorough carpet cleaning services to our clients in Hervey Bay every time. That is why we always make sure to use quality machines and premium cleaning products when providing our solutions.

Additionally, we always strive to be gentle when handling your carpet. We make sure to maintain or restore your carpet’s chemical balance for comprehensive rejuvenation. Once we’ve worked on your carpet, it would be close to looking brand new!

You can always count on our team members to clean and sanitise your carpet. But did you know that you can also rely on us to keep it smelling fresh?

We accomplish this through our extensive deodorisation process, where we use a high-quality deodoriser on your carpet. Even after a few days have passed since we cleaned your carpet, it will still smell nice and fresh.

You won’t regret giving us your trust in cleaning your carpets. Our carpet cleaning staff in Hervey Bay are thoroughly trained in handling even the most delicate carpets in the world.

When you choose us, you can be sure that we will take care of your carpet to the best of our abilities. We’ll also guarantee that your carpet will not shrink or stretch during our dry-cleaning process.

As a part of our extensive carpet cleaning service, we make sure to vacuum your carpet before starting with the dry-cleaning process. We accomplish this using our high-quality industrial vacuum, which is a lot more powerful than your household vacuum cleaner.

Through this initial step, we can get rid of any loose dirt, grit, and dust embedded in your carpet’s fibres. Thus, making our dry-cleaning process much faster and easier.

Exclusive Discount

We enjoy providing our loyal real estate rental customers with exclusive discounts. So, when you choose our professional carpet cleaners in Hervey Bay for carpet cleaning and ultrasonic blind cleaning services, we’ll provide you with a special discount.

Our Outstanding Carpet Cleaning Process

You can always rely on us to provide you with exceptional carpet cleaning services in Hervey Bay. We achieve this with the help of our extensive carpet dry-cleaning steps:


Before cleaning your carpet, we’ll first vacuum it using our industrial-grade vacuum. This machine allows us to get rid of any loose dirt or grit that may have made its way into your carpet’s fibres.

Although you might think that your carpet is clean because you vacuum it regularly, your machine may not be powerful enough to remove all the dirt. This is especially true if the dust and grime have been deeply seated on your carpet.


After vacuuming your carpet, we’ll proceed by treating it using Elite Super Sanitizer. This is our unique cleaning solution made with Benzalkonium Chloride, which is an antimicrobial agent often used in antibacterial hand wipes, antiseptic creams, and anti-itch ointments.

The treatment we use on your carpet allows us to kill all the microorganisms living in your carpet’s fibres and prevents their growth in the future. Our unique cleaning solution is also effective in repelling insects because of its eucalyptol content.


You can count on our carpet cleaners in Hervey Bay to ensure your carpet smells fresh for a long time. We achieve this using a high-quality deodoriser on your carpet before we even dry-clean it.

With the product we use, your carpet will always smell pleasant even after a few days of having it cleaned by our experts. This will make your place more inviting for guests and customers!


Once your carpet has been treated and deodorised, our professional carpet cleaners in Hervey Bay will proceed with cleaning it. You can count on us to utilise our high-tech machines in cleaning your carpet. We’ll also make sure to use our premium cleaning products on your carpet to deliver satisfactory results.

While cleaning your carpet, you can be sure that we will work hard to remove any stain we see. We’ll scrub each one thoroughly while still handling your carpet carefully. Once we’re done with the cleaning process, your carpet will regain its vibrant colours and have its beautiful patterns visible once again.


Our carpet cleaning services in Hervey Bay involve gentle steps that ensure the restoration of your carpet’s vibrancy. However, no matter how gentle we are in cleaning your carpet, we cannot avoid disturbing your carpet’s pile.

To address this problem, we make sure to use our specially designed professional rake to reset your carpet pile. Once we’re done with this step, your carpet will have an amazing finish and will look brand new!

About Elite Carpet Cleaners in Hervey Bay

Our family-owned and -operated office in Hervey Bay is managed by franchisees Stephen and Kay Ross. With their guidance, our carpet cleaners have been providing outstanding services to our residential and commercial clients since 2003.

We were able to continue offering our carpet cleaning services to our customers in Hervey Bay for more than 19 years because of our dedication to customer satisfaction. That is why until today, we are still providing our carpet cleaning services in Fraser Coast and its surrounding areas, including the following:

We are highly confident that we can provide you with unparalleled carpet cleaning solutions in Sunshine Coast with the help of our expertly trained team members. Our professional carpet cleaners in Sunshine Coast also use our high-tech equipment and first-rate cleaning products to deliver satisfactory results every time. Choose to work with us today and experience professional carpet cleaning like never before!

Carpet Dry Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning

The biggest difference between these two carpet cleaning processes is the amount of water used to achieve the same results. With steam cleaning, you will have to use several litres of water to get rid of all the dirt on your carpet.

This might cause over-wetting, which may damage your carpet’s backing. Steam cleaning also requires a longer drying time. If not dried properly, your carpet may even have a musty smell, which is not ideal.

On the other hand, carpet dry cleaning requires a lot less water. This means your carpet’s backing is safe from getting too wet.

You also won’t have to worry about waiting for several hours or days for your carpet to dry. With Elite Carpet Cleaners in Hervey Bay’s dry-cleaning process, your carpet is ready to be walked on after an hour or two.

Other Services Offered by Elite Carpet Cleaners in Hervey Bay

Carpet and Rug Cleaning

We specialise in providing carpet cleaning solutions for our residential and commercial clients in Hervey Bay. We also offer end-of-lease and interim tenancy services to address your needs.

Upholstery Cleaning

Rely on us to keep not only your carpet but also your furniture clean. We are highly trained in cleaning upholstery, whether fabric or leather.

Stain Removal

Is your carpet stained by food, drink, or water? Don’t fret! Our team at Elite Carpet Cleaners in Hervey Bay is highly trained in carefully removing stains from your carpets and furniture.

Mattress Cleaning

Make sure that the mattress you’re sleeping on every night is clean and sanitised with our help. You can count on us to clean your mattress thoroughly and keep it smelling fresh.

Emergency Flood Restoration

Has your place been affected by a storm? Turn to our team members at Elite for 24/7 emergency flood restoration services!

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