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Rug and Mat Cleaning

Don’t have a Dirty Rug amongst your freshly cleaned carpets. An Elite Technician can get rugs and mats looking Fresh and Clean in no time.

Just as our certified Carpet Dry Cleaning Technicians can get your carpets immaculately clean, they can do the same for your rugs and mats with our Rug Cleaning service.

Don’t fall into the trap of having freshly cleaned carpets but with dirty rugs and mats hanging around. Get them all clean!

Our advanced Carpet Dry Cleaning Technology is also ideal for cleaning your rugs and mats. Not only that, but your rugs and mats will also be professionally vacuumed and deodorised. If you desire you can also have Elite Carpet Protection treatment applied.

Best of all, you only need to wait about an hour until they are dry and ready to go down back on the floor.

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