Mattress Cleaning and Sanitising

Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing

When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? For many people, the answer is never.

If that’s you, don’t continue to sleep on a mattress that may be harbouring germs and other nasties all over its surface. Have you ever wondered about your mattress. You sleep on it every night – it may look clean, but it often harbours all sorts of surprises like dust mites, skin residue and bacteria.


Elite Super Sanitizer Kills Bacteria and Sanitize your Mattress:

Elite Super Sanitizer Contains highly effective Benzalkonium chloride. It is the most widely used preservative in disinfectants. Elite Super Sanitizer disinfecting removes all those nasty germs that are lurking under the surface.

Sleeping on a clean mattress will get proper and hygienic sleep. Mosquitoes and other biting insects carry diseases that can be dangerous to our health. Avoiding their bites is our best defense. Elite Super Sanitizers are the most popular repellents made with strong chemicals to make your home Hygiene.

Benzalkonium chloride acts as an agent in cosmetic and commercial soaps and sanitizers. Brands such as Elite contain the use of eucalyptus oil that keeps the pests and gems away from your mattress.

In times like these, disinfection has been more important in homecare essentials. You may think ‘I don’t see them so I don’t care, however, you don’t want to be breathing in dust all night or sleeping on germs that can transfer to your skin.

Elite Super Sanitizer Helps you get rid of hidden gems and bacteria that lie on your mattress.

Why it pays to have your mattress professionally cleaned:

  • A Certified Elite Cleaning Technician can quickly and safely clean your mattress with our state of the art cleaning technology so it will look like it is born again.
  • We will deodorise and sanitise the entire mattress, removing dust mites, dead skin cells and bacteria.
  • Once you have had your mattress cleaned, you should experience a deeper sleep on a healthier surface.
  • You will wonder why you took so long to do it. Many of our Elite customers get their mattresses cleaned every time they have their carpets cleaned.

Get your mattress cleaned and deodorised then enjoy drifting off to sleep with fresh aromas surrounding you! Regular maintenance will keep your mattress looking and feeling like new whilst making sure that that are no surprises hiding there.

Want a better night’s sleep?

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